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Outgoing US President Obama to visit Greece, Nov 14-15

Outdoing US President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Greece November 14-15, Greek media report adding that high on the agenda in his meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be the debt relief.

However, the visit has not be officially confirmed yet. The White House said yesterday it had nothing to announce so far.

Nevertheless, Daily Kathimerini reports that Obama will also visit the US base on Crete and the island of Lesvos which is a symbol for the Refugee Crisis.

The US administration presses for a relief of the Greek debt and the message it sends to Athens is that it should stick to reforms.

After Athens, Obama will visit Berlin.

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  1. Apart from closing down the city centre for a day, what else can this tourist do for us?

    • The Greeks always manage to delude themselves that some important person visiting will benefit Greece massively. It is part of the peasant mentality, that sadly remains even after generations of higher education.