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126,956 Greeks work in private sector for €100 per month gross!

When it comes to escape the nightmare of unemployment, one may grab all possible and impossible opportunities and even accept jobs with wages that let you come home with a loaf of bread, two tomatoes and a tiny piece of cheese.

The data released by the Labor Ministry are shocking:

126,956 employees in the private sector are paid a gross monthly salary of €100

343,760 employees are paid monthly salaries between €100 and €400 gross.

This category of workers have part-time or rotating work contracts.

Working time: 2-3 days per week or even a few hours a week.

100 euro per month gross could be 55-60(?) euro net – enough to cover transport cost and make a living at 1 euro per day.

PS a friend recently got a job for 300 euro gross – net should be around 250-230 euros Working hours are 4 hours per day, four days per week. She has been jobless for 4 years.

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  1. Thanks to the mutually beneficial cooperation of our politicians and the 4th Reich a generation of labour slaves is emerging. Well done Alex, you are worthy of your salary!

  2. Dont forget though many employers put an employee on a as low as possible salary just to be regiesterd for IKA then pay the rest ‘black’.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      XaXaXA, wishful thinking goes like this: If all people would do a “black” job the fucking system would collapse much faster and get ready for an Anarchist takeover without any politics, politicians and capitalist bloodsuckers to create true freedom without any money-system and exploitation.

      • Anarchists are too expensive . I’m fed up paying for broken buildings and busses! Maybe they should pay IKA as well so ‘they are insured’. Occupation? Anarchist hahaha

        • The costs of anarchists are NOTHING as compared with the costs of German and French banks, kept afloat by Greek money while Greek people are starving. Your diversion tactic is a common trick, but it doesn’t work any more. People know what is going on.

          • What’s going on is Greece needs to fix its own problem so and stop blaming everyone else. Or you guys can just keep on burning more buses from the money he EU have you.

            No one cares about Greece except Greeks so they have to help themselves. Leaving the Euro? Maybe a good idea. This endless misery can’t go on forever. Or can it?

          • Most of Greece’s problems derive from joining the euro — something that Germany and France encouraged, for their own economic and political gain. Leaving the euro is not an option, and Germany has a moral and legal obligation to pay for the terrible mistakes and damage caused. That applies as much to the eurozone catastrophe as to two world wars, and the worst atrocities known to mankind for at least a thousand years.

          • The problem with your position is that to remain within the Euro condemns Greece to Depression and Stagnation. I just cannot see how she can begin to make any meaningful recovery while trapped within this system. Far too much productive capacity has now been destroyed – like a third of the economy.
            As Charlie Haughey said to John Major when the detail of the Euro was spelt out to him at a meeting in Downing street, ‘that maybe so, but it’s the politics’. Same as Greece really – a desire to ‘belong’ and be part of the project regardless of the state of your economy.
            I do not believe that even if a ‘transfer union’ was established, which I doubt is politically possible, I just don’t see that it would now work. The devastation has been too great. But equally without the transfers the Greeks can only starve or emigrate. It really is depressing. God damn all those who sponsored this idiotic scheme.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            The only transfer to see here will be the pensions and the welfare-money the egoists who still want Grexit will receive as this is their motivation in 99% of the cases: Let me live like a hippie-king in Greece with my big-dick-Euros!
            There are no other transfers, so to call it transfer-union is an ugly joke of Anti-Greek bullshit-lies farted out of fat krauty asses of the Goebbels-media but in the end Europe will only survive then all people in Europe get the same wages and the same welfare – some right-wing Austrian politicians already think about the latter solution as they hope that then they get rid of migration.
            But for Greece there are no transfers put onto the 100 Euros they earn and this a fraud as these 100 Euro-jobs were invented to earn additional to welfare. And as long as there is no welfare system in Greece and no decent wages this is all senseless, as all people who can will grow their food and have no time and need for this little money be it whatever currency it is and the more people see that life without money is possible the more doomed the system will be and the authorities can jump out of their escape-helicopters after crying that all their orders are void.

    • Some employers simply pay the minimum number of weeks so the employee gets insurance. They they don’t bother paying it.

  3. I voted to leave the EU twice because I regard the EU as the biggest capitalist block in the world I voted to leave in 2015 because of the treatment of Greece and the Greek working class since the Bankers crisis in 2008
    Reading here the exploitation makes me feel I was correct Germany seem to advance whilst the rest go backward

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I believe quite some EU citizens turned against EU because of its treatment to Greece. Especially in UK.

      • We did indeed.

        • You can be sure that if the Greek debt had been located significantly in British banks, the UK government would have joined with Germany. Other countries with their debts in the UK (such as ireland and Iceland) were treated very nastily by the British — so this is pure hypocrisy.

          • As far as I know the vast majority of Greek debt was not issued under English Law, but Greek Law. As to your point about Ireland the UK Government lent the Republic a large sum and it was the actions of the Irish Government in ‘Nationalising’ debt held by the commercial banks that lead to its problems. With Iceland the problem was with the actions of the Iceland Government and who was responsible for the depositors. The Icelandic banks had, in my view, not been properly regulated.

            However, as you don’t live in the UK you are unaware of the full extent of the coverage of the Greek debt crisis, but I can tell you that in the circles in which I move the way Greece had been treated and the way the silly Euro has decimated her economy was a topic of conversation when Brexit was discussed. I was asked a lot about what things were like in Greece because of my known connections to the country. There was nothing but sympathy for Greece actually. And before you do the usual ‘Lefty’ thing of screaming ‘Racist’, immigration was never or hardly ever mentioned. The conversation revolved around Sovereignty (of Parliament) and defence of the Common Law.

          • Greek debt was denominated in bond issues, so the legal jurisdiction is not relevant. I have no idea what you think you are talking about, but I can assure you that it is a load of twaddle. No banks were properly regulated, especially British banks. That is why RBS Group is effevtively state owned now — because otherwise it would have gone bankrupt.

            And FYI I live in both the UK and Greece and know the debate about Brexit as in insider. Where I live in the UK, despite voting to remain at 52%, there was a lot of nonsense spoken about both immigration and Greece. The discussion of sovereignty was just conservative crap — since nobody who mentioned it has the slightest idea of what sovereignty means. As for defence of commmon law: are you trying to be funny? Most of the common law in England and Wales has been replaced by statute law; what aspect of common law do you wish to retain? I am quite sure you have no answer, but feel free to try. LOL

          • Actually sometimes legal jurisdiction does have a bearing – in the case of Greece those bonds written under English Law, which traded at a premium, were not subject to a ‘haircut’ as all other Greek bonds were, but were paid out in full.

            RBS, which ought to have been broken up in 2010, was brought low but Fred the Shred and a very unwise take over, ditto Lloyds which was engineered by the idiot Brown.

            The reasons to ‘Leave’ were many and various, but there was never a convincing narrative to vote ‘Remain’ so much so that ‘Stronger IN’ tried to come up with 5 good reasons to remain: they gave up having come up with none. Being a ‘Lefty’ I am sure you voted to ‘Remain’, but to do so is really utterly pointless as we have seen.

            We should defend the English Common Law Legal System from attack from Continental Europe. However, there are still large chunks of English Law that are not Statute, notably the gravest crime of all: Murder. Most property, contract and tort is common law, not statute.
            We will have to agree to disagree.

          • T^he biggest disagreement is with your crazy delusion that there is a sensible reason to leave the EU, after 43 years of membership and no obvious problems resulting from it. On the contrary, predominantly positive results. There has been no attack on common law by European law: where do you read this crap? Try reading serious scholarship by professional and academic lawyers. What they are writing now is that the Brexiteers have created a situation where sovereignty is under unprecendeted attack from the government today — where the facist Theresa May wants a handful of loopy right wing ministers to decide the future of the country — no power to the Parliament, and no consultation of the people. What you idiots have done is drive our country that was performing weakly in its economy, but still better than the eurozone average, into a situation where it is almost certain to reach third world status in a few years. The state budget already cannot balance, and is deteriorating weekly. Taxes will rise, services will deteriorate, inflation will rise owing to a declining pound, household income will go down massively, and there will be no benefits of any sort at all.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            They have a break to learn to ride on the right side and will come back after their streets a EU-standard and no longer a danger for Europeans trying to ride there – hundreds of thousands Europeans who moved there the last 20 years were trying to teach’em riding but they’re just too stupid, so now it’s going back to school again

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            The 2nd and 3rd memorandum are forced under British Law! … Interesting is that anarchists get called racist for executing drug-dealers, isn’t it?
            So it would be nice to keep your European cliché about “leftists” inside your Europe that instead of fighting class-war is only able to mobilize online or against only for consumers important CETA-shit, as “leftist” is not a good word in Greece, thanks to anarchists and radical communists who hate these statal idiots and meanwhile society has this in common with them.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Thanks for leaving Greece alone in this and thanks to your bullshit democracy that just don’t cares about the fact that so many people didn’t participate in your nonsense referendum, just like the fact is ignored that Tsipraki was voted only by 19%, there’s no crime but democracy.

    • I can see the logic in your argument: turning against the EU because of the treatment of Greece. To me, such a stance is obvious. What I do not understand is why everybody in the rest of the EU does not think like that. Is it not the case that once a member state (Germany) together with the EU institutions are allowed to attack brutally and devastate another member state (Greece), the turn of many others may be around the corner?

      • keeptalkinggreece

        I dare say because of the rise of extreme-right & populist parties politicians do not seem willing to make concessions to Greece. In fact they have fallen into the trap they set on their own.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Voters are supporting in compliance with this system that provides them cheap cars, even cheaper fuel and allows mass-murder, so that their decadent smart-phones won’t cost 100.000 bucks or don’t get banned like blood-diamonds – the latter shows the extreme roll-back of society: No more “no blood for oil, sucker”, today they kill 6 million in a holocaust for Coltan to post their brave “Anti”-identity against 11 Apple-suicides in China, it’s like ‘opinions are like arseoles, everybody seems to have one’ on an awesome new level of terror-dome of and for democrazy they’ve only created for imperialism to squat and pillage whole continents.

      • It’s just sentimental twaddle. Just as many Brits accused Greeks of not paying their taxes, of borrowing money they had no intention of repaying, living the high life, etc etc. In reality, this alleged “sympathy” for Greece was just a weapon to attack the EU with, not to mention attacking the UK’s long-standing rival and enemy of Germany. In other words, opportunistic argumentation — which characterised the Brexiteers — and had no basis in fact or reality.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    This still counts as unemployed in other European countries