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Lesvos: Customs Authorities seize several cars operated by NGOs

Several vehicles operated by international non-governmental organizations on the island of Lesvos have been seized by the Greek customs authorities.

According to Athens News Agency, the vehicles had been violating Greek and European laws, according to which license plates should be changed if a vehicle operates for more than six months in a different country than the one that issued the plates.

The vehicles had plates of several EU countries and were operated by persons that had no private or labor relation with the owners who were “unknown EU citizens.”

The vehicles were in Lesvos for more than six months and some for a whole year.

Authorities confirmed the fines to be paid and were informed that owners had no interest to either pay the fines or reclaim their cars.

They have been transferred into a closed parking of the customs authorities, and they are either to be given to public services in need of transportation means or be auctioned. (source)

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  1. Right, that’s really the biggest problem on Lesvos with the refugees — that there are a few cars with foreign number plates being used by INGOs. Good to see that Greece has a clear set of priorities and solutions to the refugee crisis. No need to worry about overcrowded illegal concentration camps, disgusting food and diseases: all solved now!

    • The Greeks are not determining the conditions at hose overcrowded disgusting camps, wake u!

      • As a matter of law, Greece is responsible for the conditions in those camps. If the responsibility had been handed over to the EU, then I would not criticise the greek government.

    • No one called these refugees to come in an overwelmed with crisis country. Do you know refugees throw food which is given to them because it’s not halal or MAY contain pork ? Is that what you call “disgusting food” ? As for the diseases they are brought by the refugees themselves and are a threat for greek people in the island.

      • The refugees are fleeing countries and situations considerably worse than Greece — as is their legal right. They do not aim to remain in Greece, knowing well the bad situation of the Greek people. As has been made clear repeatedly, they appreciate all the help and support from ordinary Greeks.
        What we are talking about with food is (a) actual quality, which by all accounts is terrible; and (b) food that is consistent with their cultural habits and religious proscriptions. These are both legal rights, and Greeks would be the first to complain if Greek refugees were not treated with respect. The diseases are NOT brought by the refugees — you reveal your serious ignorance here — because they are diseases endemic in the environment, and become a hazard for humans with poor sanitation, overcrowding, lack of adequate medicines, etc. Your racist claims that the diseases are brought by the refugees are highly offensive as well as being inaccurate. The Greek doctors working in the camps have explained this time and again to the EU, the Greek authorities and the public. Perhaps you would care to read some of the Greek doctors’ reports, or ask them personally, before posting your racist nastiness on a blog.

        • You are not only uneducated but ignorant. Firstly they’re trawling through multiple countries so they’re not refugees they’re economic migrants. If they don’t like the food they don’t have to eat it. It’s a camp not Michelin star restaurant. They’re also not legal rights. Perhaps read Greek constitution and law and educate yourself

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            After 50.000 austerity related deaths you talk about what constitution?
            The constitution forbids genocide but allows to drive cars and use air-planes and ships and eat meat but using oil and meat is heating up the planet, destroying homes and fields and causing war after war, so what sense makes this “constitution” as it allows exploitation and mass-murder?

          • keeptalkinggreece

            where do you have ’50K austerity deaths’ from???

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Until 2013/14 we already had 30.000 victims to suicide and bad medicine but nobody counts it any-more, if people die 5 years earlier than usually no media or government ask why

          • keeptalkinggreece

            Im not so sure you can proof your claim

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Without sponsors for own research impossible but I’m pretty sure some others will have the same idea – so, this is just a forecast for later results

          • ypure a imbecile. I’m addressing him why you feel the need to interrupt and start a different topic unrelated yoghurt boy

          • You are the ignorant and uneducated person. The law does not state that refugees have to stop in the first country they encounter — but even if it did, which it does not, that country would be Greece. Turkey does not accept refugees from outside Europe; nor do Lebanon and Jordan grant UN Convention status to refugees.
            Secondly, governments have a legal duty — under international law, Eu law and the European Convention on Human Rights — to protect and aid refugees. When governments lock up refugees in camps, they have a legal duty to provide suitable food and other needs of life.
            Perhaps you should get some basic education, and learn some respect for the law of the land. The Greek constitution takes second place to international law — if you read it. Your nasty right wing claim that people fleeing war and terrible situations are “economic migrants” — a category that does not exist in law but was invented by modern fascists — shows a lack of humanity and sociophobic tendencies. Go back to your dirty little hole in the ground, and leave civilised people alone to discuss our problems.

          • You civilised ? That’s pretty comical. Once again they’re economic migrant once they leave first safe country. Read Greek law and you’ll find what it says about illegal entry and keep your left wing agenda to yourself you don’t impress me. Sovereign law always overrides international law as they are guidelines. Putting them in camps isn’t enough for you? We have to cater to their every desire whilst Greek starve ? Here’s a suggestion open your front door and invite them in. Practice what you preach. Why don’t you come and find me I’m in lesbos in mitilene. I’ll show you the hole in the ground that’s been created here from these invaders

          • Listen, little moron, try engaging your brain. The Greek constitution states that international law ratified by Greece takes priority over both the constitution and domestic law. Under both international, EU and Greek law there is no such thing as the illegal engry of refugees. Got it now?
            Secondly, EU law also takes priority over Greek law. The EU Treaties directly enforce the UN 1951 Convention on Refugees. Got that?
            Thirdly, I do not support imprisoning the refugees on Lesvos or any other Greek island. This is not actually legal under any laws, but the EU governments think that they can do as they like. It’s called a fascist approach to the world — and that is where Europe is heading rapidly. Your far right comments only hasten the arrival of fascism across the entire EU. It may be what you want, but the civilised people do not. Got that, dumbo?
            Fourthly, I do not believe that you are on Lesvos. You are a far right propagandist who has probably never even met a refugee, living elsewhere. This is well known behaviour of Nazi trolls — pretending to live in the middle of somewhere in crisis. Go **** yourself.

          • Big words for a boy who hides behind a computer

            It’s amazing how facts get twisted to serve your own purpose.
            All I see is cowards in life rafts as their not even men. So instead of fighting for your country you flee with a mobile phone in your hand but conviniently forget your passport and identifying documents. In the fear the felt they still managed to pay smugglers thousands of dollars and travel thousands of km. Even if they are firing from Syria , which most are not and lie that they are , Damascus is very safe. Why not stay there. Simply cause the roads are paved with gold in sweden and Germany where you can obtain welfare for your ten children. With little education and no intention to work it integrate it sounds like paradise. Australian department of immigration statistics state that after after 5 years afghani immigrants have 9% employment rate NOT unemployed rate. Unable and unwilling to integrate. Change your new home to the same shithole you came from

            Are the Pakistanis and Bangladeshi fleeing war also ?

            So we should just let them Roam freely because you say so ? Ask the people in lesbos how they feel. The theft, the crime and the disrespect for the people and property of Greece. Try walk Late at night in ominia. It’s a Greek no go zone. One guess why ?I had my own car broken into and they ran off like rats when confronted.

            It seems you comment on every article here about the invaders. Struck a chord have we? Nothing better to worry about in your poor miserable life obviously. I’ll take a guess you’re a NGO Scouring the media for articles for your own narcicisstic tendencies. Btw Finishing Every paragraph with a “got that”doesn’t make you the world authority of anything.

            Indeed im a proud mytilinean. In
            Not a coward like you and need to lie. If your man enough you can come and find me and see how real I am. Since you wanna f** me come find me

          • It is very clear to me that you an Ozzie immigrant of Greek ethnicity, who supports the fascist party of Golden Dawn. There is a small collection of these thugs on the web — probably not even living in Greece, let alone on Lesvos. KTG: you can see where people post from, their IP addresses…

          • Sorry did you say something? Silence is deafening

            inspector gadget has a lot of conspiracy theories. You’ll find golden dawn are a nationalist party but don’t jet the truth or facts get in the way of pushing your agenda.

            We’re not cowards who feel the need to lie but keep on digging that hole. VPN is active through sweden but delusion has its privileges right ?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Any “Australian” (authorities) are illegal squatters and should do Boston Tea Party and swim back home to Europe, Australia belongs to the nations the European invaders are too stupid to learn their languages of – to justify occupation racistly called “Aboriginis” – and force’em to speak their Barbarian-Aryan bastards language instead.

          • Yes, Britain behaved disgustingly to the natives of Australia. Not only did we occupy their land illegally, but we also sent thugs and convicted criminals to live out there. The problem is we don’t want them back in Europe: more than a century of cross-breeding of various European criminal types is a Darwinian nightmare. You can see one clear result with their refugee policy — put them on a desert island and leave them to suffer for daring to ask for refuge from a country of ignorant crooks.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Calling Turkey “safe” is Anti-Greek propaganda, hopefully it will not fire back on you, doing the job for the enemy. I
            nvaders are the brave European fishermen that steal billions of fish in Africa to feed the greedy and totally overpopulated 1st world that is too lazy and decadent to grow its own food.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Absolute ridiculous, what of these “diseases” could be compared to the mass-murder of 50.000 people in Greece, killed by dictated “austerity” from unfucked Krauts and their EU-bastardokratia?
        If cars and air-planes would have been banned already 20 years ago – as it would’ve been the duty for “progressive” states – there wouldn’t have been year on year food-crisis because of dry land in Syria leading into war. And now come the slaves and lackeys of capitalism and kick the victim on the ground, brave and bravely paid by well-fare. The reason refugees are in Greece is the closed border that FYROM will pay for with endless vetos from Greece regarding membership in EU and btw, meat is only for cannibals and religion was only invented to allow to eat your family-members, be it cow or rat, ok, the Krauts love also canned meat from Ausschwitz.

  2. They don’t have to worry. George Soros has plenty on money in the pipeline to buy other cars for them.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Tell him we need a lot of slots, Marshall-amps, PAs and other utilities to create a network of clubs on the islands to host the international hardcore-punk-community PLUS some pressing plants to make Greek records!