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Greek Defense Minister cancels visit to Istanbul due to Erdogan’s provoking statements

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos cancelled his visit to Istanbul on Saturday due to the recent provoking statements by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The purpose of Kammenos’ visit was to attend the ceremony celebrating the 25-year anniversary of the enthronement of Ecumenic Patriarch Bartholomew.

According to Greek media, the recent appointment of an imam at Hagia Sophia led to cancel the visit of the Defense Minister.

At diplomatic level, Greece displays its clear annoyance and disturbance to the barrage of provocative statements by the Turkish president, who questions not only the Lausanne Treaty but reiterates Turkey’s  claims on Greece’s territories.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Turkish cities all have partner-cities all over Europe with guest-books waiting for information to write in and protest against these partnerships and Nazi-Turkey in general, the ugly land that still has the cheek to wave it’s flag of genocides and oh yeah, it would be nice if this flag would be banned from the streets of civilization

  2. Now this is stupid……
    His meeting is with the church and not with counterparts in the Turkish government. Amateurs running the Greek government. They don’t even know what their best interests are. It’s time the Greeks hand over the keys to their country to another nation. It’s obvious they are not worthy of having a country of their own. Better to be a protectorate or even merge with a neighboring nation. The Greek BS has been going on for too long. The retard nation of the EU. Just think about it….

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes. we’re waiting for Schaeuble to hand him the keys over. just call me to arrange appointment.

    • You are obviously a Turk Troll that really has no idea of democracy. The only retards in the area are Turks that think Greece is theirs for the taking…….. Think again !

  3. How long will Greeks stick with it?
    The brain drain has left Greece populated with elderly and illegals.
    Where do you expect the nation to go? Democracy? BS! Turks living overseas can vote but Greeks are not allowed to vote. This is ridiculous. I’m certain that Greece would have been a powerhouse if Greeks living in the USA, Canada and even Australia were allowed to vote in Greek elections. Consulates and embassies are totally useless. Many Greeks living overseas have given up even trying to renew their passports.
    Don’t be fooled by the Democracy BS that comes from the little brats protesting in the streets of Afens.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Welcome to Europe, soon all you illegals get deported back home to Europe and then we’ll see Free Australia and Free America after 400 years of Ottomaniac occupation – you’re more illegal than any what you call “illegal”, because you came with weapons to steal whole continents and now you divide and conquer and call the victims “aboriginal”, just to justify your illegal stay.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          You call others illegal but are greedy enough to have two passports and two voting rights on two different continents and to top that supremacy of stupidity you build fences against people like the Maja that were travelling already Mexico California 500 years before any shit-stinking horse-rapist started the European genocides that lead with stolen land, stolen food-cultures and gold and silver to even more progress called capitalism.

          • I would advise that you stop smoking the peyote.
            You might do something with your life. It may not be too late.
            Even a Greek has a chance in todays world. Just stop drinking coffee daily, ordering delivery and sponging off of grandmas pension.
            okay pedaki mou?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Ask the only legal president to legalize your stay: Leonard Peltier, you illegal invader
            Free America from European occupation
            Indian Land For Indian People – not for filthy European manifest destiny squatters

  4. All these “incidents” with Turkish officials going bananas with their dreams of restoring the Ottoman Empire are no incidents but probably part of some strategy to achieve just that: restoration of that Empire.
    This will only lead to trouble that will most likely backfire on them.

    • With such idiots running Greece it’s no wonder that neighbouring countries are taking such positions. I really don’t see the Greeks being able to put up a fight either in words or using its military/economic position. The Greeks should make the only choice left to them, to give the keys to the nation to a responsible party….Turkey, Germany, the UK or even the USA. The expectations that the Russians will help is just fantasy. The sooner the Greeks submit and become a protectorate the sooner things will get better for all.
      Greece wouldn’t dare make the same claims on Turkey. Just think of it. Every Greek should call or write a letter to DC and thank the USA for its support. There would be no Greece if it wasn’t for Obama and previous presidents.

      • You are an anti-Greek looney. You think the UK is a responsible country with competent politicians? Think again. You think Germany is behaving responsibly, in destroying the eurozone? Think again. You think that the politicians of the USA are responsible persons — when one presidential candidate is a corrupt puppet of multinationals and other powerful interests (and a serious brain condition, as well), while the other is a narcissistic, misogynistic and racist booby whose idea of running his businesses is to bankrupt all of them. Both of them stink to high heaven — and a competent and decent candidate (Sanders) was passed over, primarily because he is not a puppet of the rich.
        In comparison with all of these, Greece actually looks OK. Even Kammenos is considerably better than Trump!

        • They should make psychological test mandatory for anybody that wants to run for some higher office such as government, parliament, supreme courts, etc. And anybody that has low IQ and has narcissistism, megalomania, sociopathy, psychopathy or any other type of mental disfunction should be disqualified from these positions. That would clean up things….