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230K children live in households without any income

230,000 children live in households without any income and 39.9% of Greece’s population cannot afford basic goods and services, like food and heating.

According to the latest report published by the Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT)

39.9% of the population lacks basic material goods and services, such as food and heating.

The rate of population aged 0-17 years living under these conditions is 44.5%. In the age group 18064 the rate is 41.5% and in the age group over 65 the rate is 34.9%

One is six households (17.7%) live in unfit homes with leaking roofs, humidity in walls, floors etc,

Overall, more than 4.512 million Greeks are at risk of poverty and most affected are children.

  230,774 children live in households with no workers at all and practically with no  income.

35.7% of Greece’s population – 3,828,500 people in total – is at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

18.7%, a total of 1,111,300 people, live in households of low work intensity.


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  1. This is what happens when your prime minister and his buddies sell and surrender the entire country to the 4th Reich. The enemy does not care whether the native population live or die. Actually the sooner they die the better; more space for “refugees”. And the good Greek people patiently keep on waiting in line for their executioner to come.

  2. This is what happens when your politicians are paid puppets representing foreign governments’ interests.

    • No doubt about that. I am dead curious to know the price, the total remuneration package for treason. Maybe next time the 4th Reich should organise an open tender process for treason services – due to competition they are bound to get a better price. The country has a healthy supply of willing Ephialtes to offer their services to the new Persian kings.