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Homeless family sleeps in the car – 500 families in Chania without a home

Unemployed. Two teenager children. Wife in hospital. No home. A life in times of economic crisis. A life on grimy poverty allowance of 620 euro every two months. A car turned into a bedroom for two. The crisis strikes without mercy.


The car is parked in the parking slot of the hospital in Chania, Crete, where the wife underwent an operation. The father, 50, and the oldest child, a 17-year-old boy, spend their days and nights in the car. They use public water for a face wash in the morning, before the boy leaves the ‘new family home’ for school.

The daughter, 16, is currently in a new role, as carer for the mother in the hospital.

The father says that he sells some everyday items to friends in the city and that he has managed to get together 18 euro. The amount will be spent on food.

The family managed to obtain a “food card” of 130 euro that will help them to buy some every day items and utensils so that the father can cook some food for the son.

When the wife will be discharged from hospital, the car will be too small to host a family of four.

Giorgos, the father, is optimistic that someone will have pity with his family and offer them a place to live. “We could pay a small amount for the housing,” he says.

A social worker at Chania municipality tells local Nea TV, that the majority of the homeless in the area are 41-52 years old men, with mandatory education.

She says that there are currently 500 homeless families in Chania area in need of urgent help and social infrastructure.

Several homeless find a place to sleep and a plate with meal in the hospital.

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  1. It is interesting, that we can build camps for africans heading to Uk and germany, who will soon or later set it on fire, while we cannot take care about local people in need…

    • It is the EU that builds low quality camps for refugees (not Africans, kindly stop your lies) with very poor quality of life that Greeks would not accept any more than the refugees do. It is also the EU that refuses to provide funding for Greeks in terrible situations like this poor family.
      What really comes out of this sad story is that nobody cares. Even the commmenter above couldn’t care less about the poor family, and in particualr the father and son. For these far right racists, it’s just a wonderful opportunity to spread racist propaganda and incite racial hatred. In reality, there is no connection between refugees and homeless Greeks. What is disgusting is that a “radical left” government does nothing about the problems.

      • Dear Guest,
        the “radical left” government is neither left, nor government. It is radical however as it strives to execute the genocide at rates unseen before. The sad thing is that it may succeed.

        • Yes, that’s why I gave it double quotes. I don’t know that it’s any worse than the last Samaras government: the Germans became nastier last year is probably the main reason.

          • Well, I believe they are worse. They know they sold themselves for money, so they will do everything the 4th Reich asks them to do without hesitation or moral remorse. The previous ones were more inclined to think that they were doing the right thing, so they had some restraint when Germans asked them to go to extremes. Now the Germans have become nastier indeed because they know that their new employees are more faithful and more ruthless than before.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Samaras was the smart ass with breaking a tradition and so with a wrong candidate – if he’d came up with Glezos, no snap-elections – but that he gave in to the hunger-strike already showed that he’s done.

    • The answer is simple. The 4th Reich wants slaves for its (future) factories and hotels. Native Greeks are not good slaves: they remember what they were before, therefore they should be eliminated via hunger and illness. Imported immigrants are good slaves as they have no uniform origin and are used to poverty.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        To get hired in these factories one needs minimum 5 years of education to control robots and how will they defend hotels from citizens’ rage? Impossible … it’s more likely that they’ll send their own unemployed youth to work in tourism.