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Agrinio: Hungry pupil, 7, faints in classroom

Going hungry in a family with no means of support. Going to school without a meal for two consecutive days. In Greece, in European Union in the seventh year of Loan Agreements and deadly austerity.

A 7-year-old boy fainted during a class break on of the elementary schools in Agrinio in western Greece. When the boy collapsed, his co-students alarmed the teachers who rushed to provide first aid and informed the mother.

When the mother arrived at the school she confided in school director the difficult economic situation the family has to deal with: the father lost his job several months ago, he struggles with occasional jobs to provide his child and wife with the basics.

The mother said that the boy has gone to school without breakfast for two consecutive days and stressed that they cannot afford to give the child even 50 cents for a snack from the school canteen.

The school community now tries to help the family with all possible means.

According to recent data by the Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT), 230,774 children aged 0-17 live in households where no adult has a job. 39.9% of the Greek population lacks basic material goods and services, such as food and heating. That is more than four million people.

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  1. Well done Alex. But, I guess, your own children have no problem. They are beautifully fed and clothed by the fat cheques of mum and dad in their private schools.

  2. This problem is very common in the UK and USA, where families are so poor that their children do not have breakfast and sometimes no lunch either. It is also very common that schoolteachers pay from their own money for such children to have food. This is the neoliberal world that Reagan, Thatcher and other criminals spawned; this is the neoliberal world that the UK, USA and Germany (among others) are determined to keep intact, while the families of politicians, bankers and “successful” businesspeople have so much spare money they don’t know how to invest or spend it. Those people who support “austerity economics” actually support the creation of new poverty and the increased riches of the corrupt minority. This is how stupid the German Volk are: but look at their history, they always made the wrong political choices.

    • And the mantra engraved in the German volk mind is that Greeks had it coming “because they did not pay their taxes”, therefore their punitive suffering under the 4th Reich is cathartic. I would like to see the day in which, after the collapse of their instrument of torture (euro), German volk find themselves with nobody to buy their (then) expensive products and their factories closing one after the other. It will also be cathartic!

      • keeptalkinggreece

        and then they will be like Greeks and won’t pay their taxes either (as if there was no tax evasion in Germany now or in the past)

        • I would like to see that day, too! Yes, I’m German, but it honestly breaks my heart to see what’s being done to Greece and the unwillingness of my countrymen to get off their high horse already infuriates me more than I can say! Yes, I want to see the Euro gone. It has done way too much damage already.