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Multinational PepsiCo-Ivi closes its soft drinks factory in Attica

Multinational Pepsico-Ivi announced on Monday that it closes its factory in Oinofyta in eastern Attica. Reasons for the factory closure are allegedly the political instability, the tax hikes, the sharp market decline and the “the lack of communication on the part of the Greek government.”

The Director General of Central Europe and the Balkans of PepsiCo, Christophe Guille, stated: “Greece is an important market for PepsiCo. In order to ensure the company’s competitiveness and be able to implement its plans for long-term development at the local level, the company changed its operation policy.”

Soft drinks (Pepsi, Ivi lemonade, Fanta etc) will be imported to Greece from production facilities in European countries.

PepsiCo-Ivi will continue its production of fruit juices and snacks (Tasty food is a daughter of PepsiCo.)


The factory in Oinofyta had 65 people personnel. Of them 51 have been assigned to new roles in other facilities of the company, 14 will be offered the option of “voluntary exit.”

Greek soft-drinks producer IVI ΗΒΗ was acquired by PepsiCo in 1989.

The decline of PepsiCo-Ivi sales  in the cola-type soft drinks was recorded already in the beginning of 2015, with local producers EPSA, LUX and Green Cola to gain their fair share in the Greek market.

Local producers forced also a decline to Coca-Cola3E products.

PS to tell you the truth I fancy more the Epsa lemonade in summer than my former favorite of Ivi. It’s not that sweet and therefore I find it more refreshing….

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