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Economy Minister Papadimitriou: “Attract investments by taking advantage of the euro”

The new Minister of Economy and Development Dimitris Papadimitriou underlined that his goal is to attract investments by taking advantage of the monetary stability that Greece offers as a Eurozone member. He sent the message that Greece is an investiment-friendly country.

The aim is to inspire trust and send the message that Greece is friendly towards investments and that the economy is open to the investors. As a Eurozone member, he announced, Greece offers access to the EU market and has a highly skilled workforce.

Later on at the handover ceremony, he underlined that he will have a close cooperation with other productive ministries and the private sector. Mr. Papadimitriou also praised the efforts of his predecessor Giorgos Stathakis and pledged to “roll up our sleeves and start the hard work”. (To Vima)

PS Papadimitriou was a supporter of ” double currency.” However today he said “This was wrong.”

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  1. It is an absolute nightmare to run a business in Greece. And everybody knows ist. Investment friendly. What a utter BS

    • True. And with the taxation rates put at the level of extortion, the only investors will be political strategists, like the Chinese and Qatari.

  2. Investment in a German colony? Why? Your investment will not be owned by you, but by the occupation forces.
    Dear Dimitri, cut the crap and enjoy your (German) salary and other perks; possibly after the end of your term there will not be any country left to sell. Oh, I forgot, you don’t care, you are an American, right?