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Chios: Refugee seriously injured after stone thrown from the village next to hot spot (video)

A refugee was seriously injured in the head after unknown perpetrators threw a stone inside the hot spot of Souda Friday noon. The 17-year-old man was taken to the local hospital, his condition is considered to be serious.

Members of Doctors of the World working in the camp rushed to his aid but they realized that the head injury needed treatment in the hospital. The victim was transferred with an ambulance to the hospital.

The man was reportedly sitting with other refugees and migrants in the sun enjoying some coffee. As seen in the video below, the stone was thrown from one of the houses above the camp with the purpose to injure somebody.

A doctor says that the stone had caused an open wound in the head of the victim.

The reporter of local TV Alithia says that in the incidents two days ago, people from the settlement were throwing stones to the camp, right into the tents full of women and children.


Fro two consecutive days, the hot spot of Souda became the showplace of attack and damage with locals and far-right extremists to do their best to have the camp relocated.

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  1. As a matter of law, someone aged 17 is a child. Also as a matter of law, throwing a large stone from above can be considered attempted murder. Therefore, a Greek person (presumably) has attempted to murder a child whose only crime was to seek refuge in Europe. I wouldn’t mind betting that the odds are in favour of this piece of human excrement being an activist in Σάπιες Αυγά.