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Athens: Golden Dawn MP beaten by group of 20-30 people wearing hoods

A group of people wearing hoods attacked and beaten Golden Dawn MP, Giorgos Germenis, in downtown of Maroussi, a suburb of Northern Athens, Saturday noon.

Germenis was reportedly sitting together with a policeman and the policeman’s wife, when a group of 2o-30 people approached them. The attackers made use of pepper spray and then started to beat the MP mostly in the head. He sought first aid in a nearby pharmacy and then he was taken to the hospital.

Information about what happened is confusing, with some media claiming that the attackers beat him with iron sticks, and others claiming that he was kicked and punched.

Unconfirmed reports claim that attackers also threatened the policeman who allegedly fired in the air. Unconfirmed are also reports claiming some detentions occurred.

In a statement issued right after the attack, Golden Dawn speaks of “assassination attempt” of its Mp “by some SYRIZA supporters […] anarchist-communists” and recalls the incident when a group of anti-authoritarians attacked the GD offices in Maroussi a couple of months ago. Among the detained was also the son of a SYRIZA minister.



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One comment

  1. 1 Shooting a gun up in the air is dangerous .. the bullet will travel about a mile up & then come down .. people are killed like this.
    2 What was this man thinking, Golden Dawn pride themselves for carrying baseball bats to present as a threat to others. And this silly man thought that he was safe out in the open. People like him are only safe when travelling with their gang.
    3 Learn for next time .. when you do it to someone else they will relish the moment when they can do it to you.