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The German-Austrian Plot: Australia solution – All refugees on a Greek island if EU Turkey deal fails

“If the EU Turkey deal collapses, the alternative is the Australasian solution: All refugees on a Greek island.” Gerald Knaus, an Austrian sociologist, is the architect of the Refugee agreement between the EU and Turkey and found of the think tank “European Stability Initiative (ESI)” with headquarters in Berlin.

In an interview to German magazine Der Spiegel, Knaus warns that the collapse of the EU Turkey deal would be “a disaster: the whole Balkan would destabilize.”

And therefore the alternative would be that all refugees and migrants would be transferred on an island as Australia does.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What if the agreement failed?

Knaus: The only alternative is currently the Australian solution: Refugees arriving in Europe are to be held on an island, without right to apply for asylum in the EU. If Europe does this, it would be the end of the refugee convention, a disaster. Greece would be assigned to the role played by the Pacific island of Nauru for Australia. The borders in the Balkans would be militarized, a fragile region would be destabilized. The failure of the Deal would lead to an enormous boost for extreme parties throughout Europe. they would possibly win the elections in France, Austria and the Netherlands in 2017. (full interview Der Spiegel)

In other words, the think punk wants the sacrifice of Greece for the sake of stability in the Balkan and to avoid right-populists gain power in several EU countries, incl his own, Austria. Blinded by his own populism, the Austrian architect like all other architects of former empires in central Europe pretend to support democratic governance, while they turn a blind eye to other social-economic factors that boost the populism in EU. They are sheep of the same flock


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must be a cousin of this


Kurz Austrian Foreign Minister

ESI was founded 1999 in Sarajevo, is among others financed by governments and foundations from Scandinavia and Ireland, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the German Marshall Fund.

PS A very successful deal, by the way. Don’t tell anyone that it hardly works except to decrease of refugee flows to Europe. More than 62,000 people are stuck in Greece and the European partners managed to turn a European problem into a Greek problem.

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  1. And you did not see this coming?

  2. Why a Greek Island? Germany has a fair number of uninhabited islands, as does Croatia, Spain, the Netherlands and France.

    Let the owning country lease the island to the EU for 25 years, and the EU would build the infrastructure, operate and staff the island for exiles.

    Of course, this would then leave Brussels solely responsible for handling a problem, which is a somewhat novel idea. They wouldn’t have a member state to blame for any screw ups.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      It’s not only Greek islands it’s also Greek borders, as Eastern Europeans want to pay for not taking in refugees PLUS “help” to secure the borders – the latter is a brilliant idea for a genius tv-party to watch them getting involved into a conflict with Turkey but unfortunatly this will never happen as this is against the Madrid-treaty Greece and Turkey subscribed to after Imia and Obama just came to remind of.

  3. The EU is in a terrible mess because its politics have failed. Every country does whatever it likes, and the rule of law has all but collapsed. Knaus is starting from the axiom that Europe’s politicians are not prepared to honour their political and legal obligations to accept genuine refugees — therefore, Turkey and Greece have to do so. This is a very bad starting point — and he should acknowledge that.
    As for what Greece should do? I have stated publicly from the outset, that Greece cannot rely on the EU — especially with a corrupt old fool called Avramopoulos in charge of migration (and no proper experts to advise the malakas, either, since he appointed only family and friends to his Cabinet). Therefore, Greece should approach leading UN Security Council members to ask for international decisions on the future of the 1951 Convention. Tsipras did nothing; Kotzias did nothing. All of these Greek fools do nothing, and wonder why Greece suffers. Or maybe they don’t wonder, and merely don’t care.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Destabilization of the Balkans does the FPÖ-Krauts perfectly because they campaign for 70.000 very important votes from nationalist Serbians with Austrian passport, they do this also with supporting visits to their Serbian separatist friends in Bosnia, want Kosovo back to Serbia and use for their campaign faked rape-news posted by Putin, just the same way Fuckbook manipulated the elections for Trump.
    Even more destabilization comes from their perfect crime, the so called democracy that just ignores the fact that half of the voters abstain from elections and then refer to idiots that are voted by some 20% as “democratically elected”, also it’s very democratic to give party and government leaders so much more power than the parties and the members the local populations voted for – this is not even a parliamentary democracy any more but it’s interesting that they allow Nazi-parties but not radical left-wing parties – Uruguay is much more democratic than Europe that is scarred of former Red Brigades getting 20%.

  5. And those arriving at Italy would be placed on Linosa. Please, do not allow private charity ships to board your ports, and the problem will be solved.

    • The problem will be solved when Latvia and the other former communist, now fascist, countries leave the European Union. Perhaps we can kick you out, instead of waiting.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Clean Australia of the migrants that call themselves “Australians”, problem saved.
      It’s also not logic that Europeans are allowed by the illegal European occupation to take part in this European invasion and others not, this is racism at its best, these Europeans also don’t integrate no way, bring their own shitty European “laws” and their Palestinian invasion-gods to oppress “Australia” and force real Australians to speak their ugly Barbarian European language.

  6. I read the original article in german and there is seemingly some misunderstanding: Knaus critisises the scenario, that you mentionned. He is saying Europe does not do enough to keep up the Turkey-deal and to support Greece to handle the asylum-seekers, and that this is very dangerous. He is definitely not supporting the idea of putting the refugees to a greek island, on the contrary he thinks this would be a catastrophe, but that this is at the moment the only alternative to the Turkey-deal which is being presented (not saying by whom).

    • Thanks for this. I have the opinion that Knaus is a genuine thinker and problem-solver — not a politician at all. The EU-Turkey plan was a last-minute desperate effort to save Greece from being flooded with refugees, given that the rest of Europe couldn’t give a fuck about Greece.

  7. I don’t think he talks in favor of this but says that this could happen if the EU-Turkey deals falls apart. So it is a warning and not a threat. It would of course put a lot of pressure on Greece if it would happen. And also on the wider Balkans but mostly on Greece. The other Balkan countries would just close the border or let anybody pass into the EU although Hungary has closed off the border with fences.
    It would for sure change the whole political dynamics of the EU. Balkan and Eastern European countries will move away from Western European countries or embolden their stance within the EU.
    It is a trump card that Erdogan holds. For now he is just threathening because if he plays this card then he might just overplay his hand.

    • my point is that they have not figured out other solution than the Australia alternative!

      • That’s largely because the only logical solution is what was actually passed as law — and the fascist East Europeans refuse to obey the law, while the UK has one its 1001 “optouts” — which is that the rest of the EU accept large numbers of refugees that are currently in Greece and Italy, and will be in the future.

      • They don’t have to “figure out” anything. There have been successful, major refugee resettlement programs in other parts of the world. Sadly, the key players in the EU would rather die than pick up the phone and call someone with experience in the subject to learn how it might be done properly. The UN only offers refugee camps. They cannot resettle refugees, as that is a sovereign decision of the accepting country. Until the EU comes up with a viable resettlement program for refugees (not economic migrants), they will continue to stumble around like the amateurs they really are.

        I was assigned to the Task Force at a Cuban Refugee Resettlement Center in the US for six months in 1980. We housed 22,500 refugees at a cost of $1 million per day. Now look at the resources the EU has committed for refugee facilities in comparison, and you will get an idea of one reason why it isn’t working.

        • !!!

        • There are very few refugees, the absolute majority is a mass of economic migrants. Therefore US even during the Obama era wanted to accept very few of them.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            “Economic migrants” are those privileged bastards that abuse the free European education-system to make career in illegal squatter-nations like the USA and this qualifies them also as illegal aliens and members of terrorist organisations that were founded in 1492.
            To call refugees from Syria this way is pure hate as the rich European overpopulation that eats meat, drives cars and uses ships and air-planes is responsible for that in the last 5 years before the uprising in Syria there was all harvest burnt by the hotter sun the European rape of the planet produces, so this is a hunger revolt against climate-terrorism. Any otherwise economic migration will stop when Europe stops exploiting the world, so better ruin your unfair economic system and grow your own food

        • Yes, but a large proportion of EU countries refuse to accept ANY refugees, refuse to obey EU law (which they are fighting in the courts) and are determined to recreate another catastrophe like the Third Reich. This is the mess that Europe is in…

          And the one political leader who did commit to accepting large numbers of refugees and providing the resources for it — Merkel — got no support from the rest of the EU and no support in her own country. Basically, Europe is populated by nasty little fascists, who are interested only in destroying the Continent.