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Athens – Event: Telescopes enable Observation of the Planet Mars (Nov 21-27/2016)

With telescopes set up in seven points in Athens, the National Geographic in cooperation with the Athens Observatory offer a unique opportunity for stargazers: the Observation Week of the Planet Mars”.

The telescopes will be set in Zappeion in downtown Athens as well as in the south suburbs of Palio Faliro, Alimos and Glyfada and the northern suburbs of Athens Kifissia, Halandri and Peristeri.

If the Central archaeological Countil accepts the NatGeo request, another four small telescopes will be set up in the Pnyx, the hill in central Athens, that hosted the popular assemblies of the Ancient Athenians.

The Event Week begins today, Monday, November 21st 2016 in Zappeion and ends on Sunday, November 27th, in the park of Floisvos in Palio Faliro. It is open to public from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Schedule Places:

Nov 21 – Zappeio Megaron, Athens

Nov 22 Dimokratias Square, Peristeri

Nov 23: Pani Hill, Alimos

Nov 24: Agios Nikolaos square, Chalandri

Nov 25: Goulandri Mouseum, Kisiffia

Nov 26: Esperidon square, Glyfada

Nov 27: Floisvos Park, Palaio Faliro


The event takes place in the context of a documentary production by the National Geographic entitled «Mars».

The documentary tells the adventure of a future conquest and colonization of the red planet, in a not too distant time from now.

The series (which recently made TV premiere) is featuring the year 2033 and focuses on the first manned mission to Mars. Between documentary and fiction, unfolds within 6 episodes in which besides the dramatized scenario there are excerpts from documentaries and interviews with real scientists and entrepreneurs that guide the research and development of space technology.

More information on website.

Image result for mars attack via telescope

This is what I saw yesterday from my window that has a direct view to Mars.

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