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Erdogan challenged Cypriot flag, calls EP voting “harassment”

For one more time, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan used the usual “diplomatic” language to take position in crucial issues like the European Union membership and the Cyprus issue.

This time it was the Cypriot flag that became his target. “Without shame they come to EU sessions with the flag of the whole island,” Erdogan said speaking at the 7th Bosporus Economic Summit in Istanbul.

In principle, they cannot have such a flag. Here there is a TRNC . You are administrator of the Southern Cyprus. In the north there is the Turkish republic. This is disrespectful, “he said.

He claimed that there is blood of Turkish heroes in Cyprus and therefore Ankara cannot consent to grant territorial sovereignty entirely to Greek Cypriots.

Erdogan did not bother to explain to the esteemed participants of the Forum the reaon as to why only “Greek Cyprus” is an international recognized state, meber of the EU and the UN and not the TRNC, the illegally Turkish-occupied North Cyprus.

Athens’s reaction

Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Stratos Eythimiou, commented on Erdogan’s allegations saying: “Once again the Turkish leadership is trying to equate the aggressor with the victim, going to unhistorical and arbitrary offsets, attempting to delete Turkey’s responsibilities as an occupying power. “

European Union

The Turkish president also criticized the voting of the European Parliament to freeze accession talks with Turkey and called it “harassment.”

Erdogan said Turkey has been waiting for an answer from the EU for over 50 years, and said the EU is not the only fish in the sea.

“We have not closed the EU subject yet. But the picture we have faced does not allow us to fall for positive expectations on this subject. There are always many alternatives before Turkey. We would continue our way by considering one of these options,” Erdogan said.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    A very close look to the Turkish flag will reveal that the star and moon are full of little swastikas, no wonder it’s still the same flag they’ve used for their genocides – modern states ban their criminal symbols of the past, even other occupants do, like happened to the Confederate flag in the squatter-nation of South Carolina.
    Instead Turkey is destroying a whole “Turkish” city of 100.000 (Sirnex) in Kurdistan and the first thing people see when coming down from their tents in the hills they were forced to live in is the Turkish (Nazi)-flag at the place where once was the town house that got destroyed and pillaged like the rest of the city and this after seeing from their hideouts for months how their town was destroyed – it looks now like Kobane and this gets ignored by the public just like giving dead Kurdish refugee babies Turkish names.

  2. Erdogan is calling on Turks in Europe to make a donation of at least a 1000 Euro to the motherland (or fatherland, gender-neutralland). That is because the Turkish economy is going down the drain. That is why he is still only threatening to unleash the migrants/refugees onto Europe. He has been saying for some time but does not live up to his threats. Because it would unleash European sanctions on Turkey. Turkey needs the EU more than the other way around, economically speaking. He also said Turkey is in Syria to dispose of Assad and nothing else. That of course is just partly true. But this will put him on a collision course with Russia and Iran.
    What does a cornered dictator do? He is looking for a ‘patriotic’ war in order to save himself and his regime.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      “Europe”? Greece! And may be Albania and Italy. Europeans are only interested for cheap holidays and the only thing Greece can do then is to bring them by ship to France and Germany – seize some Cruise-ships owned by European companies, do it tricky, together with Renzi, so it will not fall back on tourism. But may be it’s just an excuse, may be police is too corrupt and not controllable, may be he needs money to pay them… Donald Kraut will pay him