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Samos: Council for Refugees accuses police of “torturing ISIS victim”

The police station on the island of Samos has been accused to have tortured a 25-year-old refugee from Iraq. According non-profit organization Greek Council for Refugees, the man had requested international protection in Greece and had been tortured by members of the ISIS and therefore he should have joined the program for torture victims. Instead, he was held under inhumane conditions at the police station for nineteen days.

He was held handcuffed to a bench in the main corridor of the entrance of the police station and exposed to public view.

He was sleeping on the floor, handcuffed to the bench. His calls to have a bath or change clothes were not satisfied, sometimes neither his request to go to the toilet.

Even if he had undergone surgery in spleen and gall, the food was inappropriate with the result that he was starving. When he run out of medication for blood pressure after 5 days, he did not receive any new supply ever after.

He was at the state of collapse when he informed the GCfR sayng he was considering to cancel his asylum request and participate in the program for voluntarily return to Iraq.

The man landed in the police station after refugees and migrants in the Samos hot spot staged a protest for the living conditions, beginning of November. The camp was flooded after a strong rainfall. The Iraqi refugee found himself between riot police and protesters. He was wounded in the foot and the arm and he was first taken to the local hospital.

The hot spot on Samos hosts more than 2,500 people, which is three times more that the camp capacity would allow.

The Greece Council of Refugees condemns the inhumane detention at the police station saying that “detention under such circumstances consist torture.” The Council expresses its expressed outrage and deep concern about the reception conditions for refugees.

Sources of the police headquarters in Athens told daily Efimerida Ton Syntakton, that an internal investigation has been ordered .

“However, they [police in Samos] claim that the man was arrested for being involved in scuffle and was at the police station before he would be transferred to the mainland due to his delinquent behavior,” the source told EfSyn adding that the man’s detention in the building of sub division of Samos police headquarters was due to the “man’s health condition and overcrowded prison cells.” The local police said further that all food and physical needs of the detainee were met and that it was not informed about his medication provided at the camp.

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