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Volos: Homeless surrenders to police seeking shelter from the icy cold

A homeless  had an original idea on how to protect himself from the polar cold sweeping through Greece. He thought that the police would provide hm with a roof over the head, a blanket and a warm meal. So what did he do?

He broke into a vehicle parked in a suburb of Volos in central Greece. He broke the window of the car with a screwdriver – media report- adding that the 47-year-old man did not steal anything.

Then at 3;30 a.m. he went to a police station nearby and surrendered himself for the crime he had committed. He asked police to arrest him.

The policemen were stunned to hear the man claiming he decided to commit a crime so that he will be arrested and secure shelter and food during the icy cold weather front.

The man is jobless and homeless and moves often between Thessaloniki and Volos where he stays for longer periods of time.

He was taken to prosecutor who released the man on the grounds of having surrendered himself and because the car owner did not file a lawsuit for the damage. He had confirmed that nothing was stolen from the car.

PS at least the man had a couple of hours in the warmth awaiting for police and prosecutor to decide what to do with him. I wonder whether there is no shelter for homeless in Volos.

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