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Rethymnon: Epic Asphalting goes Viral (pictures)

Residents on Marouli street in the town of Rethymnon were stunned to see the very original way municipality workers laid a new asphalt carpet outside their homes and shops. They did not bothered much about the parked vehicles and the garbage bins.They just did the job they were assigned to do.

The result? Epic Fail!


When the pictures uploaded on internet and the issue went viral, the Municipality of Rethymnon said that the residents were informed on time about the works but they did not respond to calls to remove their cars.

The municipality department in charge claimed further that the traffic police was not able to respond to the municipality calls “for its own reasons”. The garbage bins were not removed by the asphalt workers because “due to the parked cars, there was no reason to make maneuvers.”

It also said that the project could not be delayed “as the pitch was ready – meaning: warm – and therefore delaying the works would damage the pitch.

The municipality said that it will fix the problem.

On their part, residents claimed that they were not informed in time.


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  1. What a country!
    I’ve seen such stupidity in Corinth when new cable was being installed.
    Maybe Tsipras can go to dedicate or rename the road with a ribbon cutting ceremony. As you can see, there are many reasons why Greece is a failed state…….
    Shlomo has spoken.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    As long they don’t take sand from the beaches they can fill it up with sand or just leave it as it is, parking lots and trash-bins don’t need new asphalt any way.

  3. Just classic.

  4. The number one reason is the philosophy of :

    “if you educate a logical man he will do the right thing”

    and since they worship themselves they think every Greek is logical.

    But the right philosophy is:

    “Hold ANY man accountable and he will do the right thing” A stupid man, and educated man, an intelligent man, an illiterate man, etc.

    If fire did not hurt we would hold our hand in the flame!

  5. They are dysfunctional.

    But you can change them.

    If you see a car incorrectly parked FIRST look at them as if a two year old who does not understand so don’t expect results!!!

    Put a note on the car “Please what will the handicapped and stroller do I prefer not to call the parking police” 50% will park correctly JUST from the note!

    Next day call the parking police. Call them EVERYDAY until they do something. It usually takes TEN calls before they come. But they come JUST to get you to stop calling. But be like the guy in the shawshank redemption keep calling on a new car widening your circle.

    30% will park correctly because of the warning from parking police.

    10% will change because of the ticket.

    The last few will NEVER change! BUTTTTTT they will not stop complaining about it to others and THOSE OTHERS will change their parking behavior.

    In fact so many will change as they hear about tickets.

    In my neighborhood they don’t park on the sidewalks cuz I call and leave notes. Some know it is me and they hate me – but well a toddler might hate you when you put him in time out – right?

    Their philosophy to educate you rather than hold you accountable it a big problem. Few change from words – nearly all change from consequence. If fire didn’t burn us we would touch it right?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they should have poured the asphalt over the cars 🙂

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Self-made stickers that get watered like stamps gain best results, just write vehicle will be removed by law and put some paragraphs on it.

    • I regularly confront car drivers in Athens who think that they can drive over the pavement as I am walking on it (threatening my life, in effect), park on the pavement and block the way for pedestrians, park on a junction blocking the street for other cars, etc etc. The worst are old and middle aged men who think that there are no rules, no laws, and they can do as they like. Some of them become physically threatening if you demand that they obey the law. Also, many young people — women and men — have now started behaving like the old fools. In the past, it was only a small minority of less educated young people: now, it is most of them. Of these, the most aggressive and obnxious are those driving Smart cars — these stupid little things that can park more easily. Instead of parking legally, they park more aggressively at junctions and over pavements and block even more pedestrians than before.

      Greece has a third world cultural problem with cars. It’s appropriate for Pakistan and Egypt — so presumably that is how these people want Greece to be. It’s rapidly going there…

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        With these Smart cars that’s worldwide, also car-shares, they must think they are better humans because their cars eat less gas.
        Aggressions are very often part of the act of driving itself, some people get “road-rage”, something only car-drivers can develop, it’s like a seizure for 5 minutes, most of them are also cyclophop – if they got trouble with cyclists it can happen that they hunt’em a few blocks, run reds aso and use their car as a weapon … tell’em cars r 4 pussies but beware or have ammunition

  6. By the way I by profession am a construction superintendent and project manager the first thing one does on a pour day is to inspect the site BEFORE you give the mix a go ahead to make the MIX!!!

    My daughters High school the storm drain grates hare trip hazards and they have asked and asked the DEMO to come. They finally came and worked a few hours doing one of them. The principle ran after them and said where are you going “they gave the toddler excuse that we have a work order for one not two” the principle asked to see their work order and compare it to hers. Clearly they say two and the men give their toddler response of “we are tired and it is too much work” and left.

    She got on the phone called everyone she could. Calls the DA and got the DA to get them to come back!!!

    A little accountability goes a long way.

    • Even more so you tape of the street the night before or even a day or two ahead if the culture is as it is “when people listen to empty threats they learn to ignore authority”

      BUT he did do the right thing to not waste the mix. Yes patching those spots will be weak cold joints and it will need repair and fixing but that is not as costly as throwing out all that mix.

      But had it been a contract! YES it must be thrown out it was a blunder on the part of the contractor and he needs to do it correctly.

      But when we ARE DIY’ers we get to do our house poorly.

      DIY’ers = do it yourselfers.

  7. Sure its nit Shitcago?

  8. Not typo grammar police

  9. Another example of why Greece will never amount to anything.
    This example in a nation that wants to see itself as a place of innovation and high tech.

  10. At least in Greece the bins are replaced,here(Brexitland) we have to walk for miles(kilometres) to retrieve our bins when emptied.

    • The local authority collects household rubbish every two weeks, where my family lives in south wales. It is actually a major event when you are allowed to put rubbish out for collection. If you have anything other than household rubbish, then you have to pay for it to be collected.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        is it privatized?

        • No. LOL. I think that public services have been so run down by decades of cut-backs, there is no longer much difference between state and private sector. They are both useless. The local council also turns off most of the streetlights after midnight (as in Plaka) so as to give murderers, muggers, burglars and others a better chance to get away with their crimes.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Collect it and throw it over the walls that get build against Scotland and Ireland? Probably you need a catapult…

  11. Not a problem really ….Just what you would expect in Greece because the local residents did not bother to move their cars on the day they were asked to.

    I don’t have a problem with it myself, the same as I don’t when every street carries two way traffic even when there is a no entry sign at one end.

    And for the rest of you…Don’t make jokes about a country you have never visited and about people and cultures you know nothing about.