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Rare intervention for Greece: Commission tells Turkey to respect EU member states’ sovereignty

In a rare “political reaction” the European Commission intervened in Turkey’s attempts to escalate tension with Greece and advised the aspiring EU member to respect the sovereignty of other EU member states.

Ankara must respect the sovereignty of EU member states over their sea and airspace, European Commission spokesperson Maja Kocijancic said on Friday, after a series of Turkish officials’ statements triggering tensions in the Aegean Sea.

Contacted by Brussels-based website EurActiv, Maja Kocijancic stated that Turkey needed to commit itself “unequivocally” to good neighbourly relations.

“The EU urges Turkey to avoid any kind of source of friction, threat or action directed against a member state, which damages good neighbourly relations and the peaceful settlement of disputes,” the Commission spokesperson, adding that negative statements that damage good  relations should be avoided.

“Moreover, the EU also stresses the need to respect the sovereignty of member states over their territorial sea and airspace,” Kocijancic emphasised.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Washington remains cool and distanced – maybe because the Obama administration is leaving office.

During a briefing Mark Toner, deputy spokesman of state Department advised the two neighboring countries to arrange the disputed issues among themselves.

asked about Imia “GR-Turkey have long established diplomatic channels to address Aegean issues”

Apparently the Obama administration thinks “Why bother?” when one of Donald Trump’s cabinet members does business with Turkey?
On the other hand, Greece is luck to receive the support of the EU, for the plain reason that Brussels is simply at odds with Turkey over the threats to blow the EU Turkey Deal on Migration and to flood Europe with Refugees if no visa-free travel is granted for Turkish citizens.

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  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    One cabinet member? The pig in the tower also gots Trump Towers in Istanbul (bedfellow Erdo’s Gun wasn’t amused about closed borders for Muslims).
    Turkey is threating to flood Greece, not Europe, Europe hides behind Fyromian baby killers.

    • You realise nothing you say makes any sense. Ramblings of self induced psychosis

      • if he actually did have “self-induced psychosis” as you claim, then clearly he would not realise that nothing he says makes any sense! So, how does your comment make any sense either?

        • Oh no his alter ego came out to play. Here boy!!!! We thought we’d let him know so he can seek profession help.

          Surprised you didn’t mention the poor economic migrants in your post. How did you manage ? I know you must be bursting at the seams. Go on… we know you have to say it…….

          • Since you mentioned “self-induced psychosis”, perhaps I should mention that you seem to have a psychosis that is not self-induced. Possibly the medication to treat your own condition is cheaper, so you should take advantage of that.

          • Expert in many areas I see. Linguist , humanitarian, post graduate doctorate. Where will your talents end. Go on tell us about economic migrants I know you’re ready to explode……… hurts doesn’t it keeping it inside

          • It doesn’t take much expertise to identify a nutter like you. And no, I don’t have the same mental condition as you, and I do not feel the need to post irrelevant comments about migrants.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            To call for “pro help” is typical Nazi-shit of Aryan slave-drivers who think they’ve rights to travel anywhere and others have to stay home.