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Greek court decides not to extradite 3 officers, alleged coup plotters, to Turkey

A Greek court decided on Monday not to extradite three alleged coup plotter soldiers, the verdict about the remaining five soldiers is expected in the next days, possibly tomorrow. The eight members of the Turkish Air Force had fled to Greece with a Black Hawk helicopter and landed in Alexandroupolis one day after the attempted coup on July 15th 2016.

The Council of Appeals in Athens decided not to extradite the three officers, accepting the prosecutor’s suggestion who argued against the extradition to Turkey taking into account a risk for the lives of the officers.

Members of their families were under pressure and persecution, the public prosecutor said, while noting that the European Parliament has frozen Turkey’s accession talks in the EU because of democracy deficit.debate on Turkey’s EU because democracy deficit.

One of the defense lawyers commented on the court decision that “This is a decision that is not only morally and legally correct, but it also proves the mettle of the Greek Justice. The [extradition] request was partly unlawful because of the dual criminality and thus unfounded, as there is risk of life and inhuman and humiliating treatment. “

Turkish authorities have submitted an official request for the 8 soldiers, who immediately asked for asylum upon their arrival in Greece.

Last week, the BBC published a video with torture claims by Erdogan’s opponents in the wake of the failed coup.

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