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IMF wants open shops throughout Greece on 52 Sundays per year

The International Monetary Fund insists on opening shops on Sundays all through the year, claiming to boost competitiveness and the ‘wise” tool kits of the OECD.

According to daily To Ethnos, the IMF submitted its demand to the Greek government last Friday via an e-mail.

the IMF demanded the opening of all stores on 52 Sundays per year and to legislate this measure within the month of December. The Fund claimed further that this measure was including in the first tool kit of the OECD that was not implemented.

The Greek government response to the IMF was reportedly negative. Athens said that it is currently examines which areas are touristic and in these areas the measure could be implemented.

PS What a stupidity! In a society struggling to make ends meet, you can have all stores open 24/7/365 – you will see not a single cent in their cash registers though.

BTW I wonder why Germany does not have shops open on Sundays to boost competitiveness as more than 13 million Germans live on 719 euro only. Ops1 I forgot! German competitiveness relies neither on low wages, nor on corporate tax reliefs nor on top quality products –  but solely on a weak euro.

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  1. The German metropolis cannot be the same as the bloody colony – this is why the differences in shops opening times, etc.
    Now the demand to have shops open has nothing to do with the Greek economy or competitiveness and other similar BS. It only has to do with the feeling of slavery and hopelessness the IMF and the German masters want to instil in the minds and the souls of the natives working in the retail sector. As a by-product, the “reform” will “help” the closure of more small businesses.
    We should see the Troika and the Germans for what they are: demolition forces.

  2. This is not economics, this is social engineering! You’re completely right in your criticisms and I agree 100%. Not even in tourist areas (where some shops do open Sundays in summer but it’s their choice) should this be mandatory. How can you force shopkeepers to work 7 days a week anyway?

    We need to leave the EU, leave Europe and bugger the IMF.

    • They are not forcing anyone, they are just giving people the option to open on Sundays if they wish, which is not currently the case!

      • Yes, all these far right people opposing Muslim refugees coming to Europe on the dubious grounds that “Europe is a Christian continent”. and they conveniently forget that Christianity gives a special place to Sundays and forbids trading and banking. I do love how the right wingers just play games with their versions of history and reality — all with the obvious agenda of being obsessed with money.
        Oh, and that’s another thing: “The love of money is the root of all evil”

        • We oppose them as they dont integrate, mulitiply like rabbits and have ten children, dint work and prefer to leech off welfare, want to change their adopted country into the same shithole they came from and if we don’t capitulate threaten us with violence, jihad and suicude bombers. That’s pretty rich ” we play games with their version of history and reality ” coming from you. It’s you that is so twists reality to suit your agenda. We’re just realists

          Could nt help yourself could you…. lurking in background to shout out your left wing agenda in every story in this site.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            And you migrant have no right to stay in America, its Indian Land not European, you must be an Ottoman if you don’t understand this but they had to leave, so the USA will leave for a Free America.

          • As for you no one ever understands any of your ramblings. Nothing you say makes sense. When you respond to a story you change the subject twenty times and start talking about evolution theory to JFK assassination. Είμε περηφανος Έλληνας so don’t know where America comes into his. Even if I were there if I’m a legal migrant I can go where I like as opposed to a illegal economic migrant.

          • You oppose them because Nazis oppose everything that is not part of their own little fascist mentality. Obviously, the humiliating end of Hitler and his thugs didn’t teach you a lesson, and you need to be taught a violent lesson again. The world is ready to do so: we have our civilisation to keep and ideally improve.

          • I just explained why I oppose them and instead of dealing with facts you call us nazis. If anything you oppose anyone who doesn’t allow the floodgates to open and her everyone in and can only resort to name calling. Obviously you’re a very intelligent human being with s valid argument. Typical left wing loony shout down anyone who disagrees with you and disregard facts. To have a valid argument respond to what people say. As mentioned previously which you obviously ignore if we were indeed nazis we would say we are, but we’re not. We’re nationslist and love greece and enjoy our country not being flooded with illegal immigrants. Greece is 10/11 million people and how many are illegal ?1.5/2 million.? How can any country sustain that? If you want to resort to violence I’ve mentioned where I am…. you could come find me and flex instead of being the keyboard warrior you are

          • Facts? You know no facts! The only thing that you know is your opinion. The first fact to learn is the legal difference between illegal immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. When you have grasped the difference between these — which is itself a legalistic simplification of a complex reality — you can begin to start a learning process about how to discuss such matters.
            And the figures you present as a total of immigrants in Greece come from Nazi propaganda emanating from Golden Shit.They have nothing to do with reality.

          • Going around in circles. Nobody knows facts apart from you. Armchair expert who spends all his free time preaching online. Stomping your feet and beating your chest. Once again with nazi comments. Obviously deaf and dumb. Just because sir ist had different view Doesn’t make them a nazi. Need to change the channel or are you like a robot repeating same thing over and over and over and over. Are the Bangladeshi africans and Pakistanis fleeing war? Deal with facts which war ? Let us all know. The Albanians from the 90s? Which war. Waiting in anticipation of your answer but I have a crystal ball and know you don’t have one. Just a nazi or fascist or racist or you don’t know and I do statement.

          • I am not an armchair expert: I am a real life expert. I just came back from discussions in Turkey and go to Spain shortly. You are the armchair non-expert with a Nazi mentality.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            ela, guys, enough

          • Well, this is not a personal argument. This is how the extreme right dominate discussions, by denying facts and disparaging the opinions of people who are actually expert in a field. What we see is a modern phenomenon — and the way that Brexit and Trump got electoral support — because they flood the internet and mass media with lies and propaganda.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Millions of illegal Greeks will get deported back home, they are illegal aliens and land thieves in “America” and “Australia”, and must be racists that don’t integrate as they don’t ask for permission to come or learn any of the locals hundreds languages and to top that they bring their own Asian god and European “laws”.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            oh god

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            It was right wing idiots who always wanted to tear down the Iron Curtain and when it came they started crying about Polish and Albanians stealing the hippies their jobs in the Green Houses, go pick strawberries Ivan wants’em cheap.

          • Very true. But don’t forget that the right wing idiots didn’t actually care about life in the Soviet Union: they just wanted to tout their propaganda about how wonderful the West was and how bad Communism was. When it came to real issues — like jobs for Poles and others, they couldn’t give a fuck. Just right wing ideology — as it is now.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            “Welfare” in Greece? What sort of “Greek” island you live in, a Greek island in Florida? Or with “welfare” you mean each day the same sandwich meal and free housing in a concentration camp located in mosquito nested areas with showers that never worked.

  3. In the UK stores are open on Sundays.

    I think what the IMF wants is stores have the option to open on Sundays, something I 100% agree with! If they don’t want to open on Sundays, then don’t.

    There shouldn’t be laws forbidding store owners to open on Sundays. That’s just ridiculous. Let them decide their own fate, USA style!

    • Yes shops open on Sundays in the UK, but it is not a free for all. There are some restrictions on the hours they may be open for. Personally I do not think that the IMF should be meddling in things like this.

      • But the Greeks need foreign help. Otherwise they will stay in the stone age.

        And it is not a free for all in GR, thats not what the IMF is planning. I 100% agree with allowing Sunday opening, it never said they would be forced to open.

        That’s just KeeptalkingGreece’s conspiracy-style the foreigners are all evil reporting = )

        • keeptalkinggreece

          I don’t remember to have written: forced to open

        • First of all, Greece is not in the stone age. It is clearly in a time warp that spans the Byzantine period, the mid-19th century along with some stuff from the 1930s. Secondly, the mid-19th century is where all the neoliberal extremists who have been running the world since the 1980s want us to go back to. Thatcher, for example, expressed thhis openly. So, all of northern Europe should aspire to the Victorian behaviour of the Greeks. Thirdly, if the UK is supposed to be an example of where Greece should be going — forget it. The living and working conditions in the UK, for the majority, are unacceptable. The quality of life — even disregarding the climate — is not high. Neoliberalism has failed the mass of people and made a minority obscenely rich: that is why the poor have been voting for UKIP, Brexit, Trump and others. You need to learn a new tune, my friend: the old one is out of tune and hated by all other than the rich and powerful.

    • The UK is a disaster with Sunday shopping: it is just another mechanism to extract more work from badly paid shop workers. Nor is it desirable in any sense: it is a normal part of the history of civilisation to reserve one day of each week for rest. The IMF is the nearest thing we have to the Devil incarnate (with the possible exception of the pig in a wheelchair).

  4. This will only favor big shops because small shops cannot afford to keep their shops open on Sunday. Unless they make their employees (if they have any) work on Sundays for nothing. And besides, people don’t have money to spend anyway.