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SYRIZA calls on Greeks to join the general strike and anti-austerity protests

Ruling party SYRIZA calls on Greek to join the anti-austerity strike and protest rally on Thursday. In a press release issued by the Labor Policies Department of the left-wing party, SYRIZA calls on people to join their voices “against the neo-liberal policies” and “the internal troika.”

The press release speak of “neoliberal policies bulldozing workers’ rights” and of the need of “response to the internal troika” as well.

“The participation of everyone in the strike and the mobilizations against the neoliberal policies bulldozing workers’ rights will be the response of the working world and the entire society in the effort of the creditors – particularly of the IMF – to impose the continuation of full deregulation policies of labor relations.

At the same time, it will be the answer to the “internal” troika of domestic interests and their political supporters, to all those who openly or secretly support the destructive and extreme;y neoliberal recipes for the labor and the society in order to increase the profitability of large business groups.”

“It’s time to put an end,” the call stresses urging the Greeks to “fight united for the effective restoration of labor rights and the right to full, permanent and decently paid work for all.”

IT is not the first time that the party SYRIZA calls on Greeks to join anti-austerity protests.

It’s only odd that the party SYRIZA is also the ruling party of Greece that signed the 3. bailout agreement and all the additional austerity measures and so-called “structural reforms” and implements them as well.

Unless there are some comrades within the SYRIZA who disagree with the internal and external troika and the prime minister who happens also to disagree with the troikas, the austerity and the measures he signs and implements. huh?

However, we should also note that opposition within the ruling party is open, clear and loud – in contrast to other political parties where the ‘rebels’ are kindly requested to leave the party on their own or they simply get expelled.

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  1. Will they be calling for a civil war next?

  2. Hypocritical bastards! Read the open letter of Mikis Theodorakis to our dear Alex.
    By the way, shame on you KTG; you mentioned nothing about the statement of Mikis Theodorakis, a harsh but entirely accurate condemnation of this miserable government and its leader-soldier-of-fortune PM.

  3. What is an internal troika? It sounds like the sort of thing you should have removed under anaesthetic, but I suspect that it could be mythical…

  4. ????
    They themselves agreed to these policies and to austerity.