Thursday , October 5 2023
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Turkish MP heralds to take down the Greek flag from the islands

The next clown of the day: An MP from Kemalist CHP announced in the Turkish Parliament that he will go to Greek islands, take down the Greek flag and send it per courier to Athens.

“In the next days I will go to the Greek islands, take down the Greek flag, hoist the Turkish one and send the Greek flag per courier to the government,” Tansu Ozcan said.

In his delirium, he claimed that the islands are part of the Turkish Republic and that he will go to the islands on boats with similar minded people.

“I will fold the Greek flag and send it to the Greek government per courier,” he repeated asking his own government to issue a NOTAM about this issue.

“There are 18 islands and 2 islets. The president and the prime minister use nationalist expressions but they close their eyes when it comes to get rid the Greek flag from our territorial waters that are part of our Turkish Republic according to international treaties and law. They should issue a NOTAM to Greece, saying “Get the flag off brother, this is my soil,” the man said.


Cameleers on boat? It ain’t gonna work, bro…

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  1. What international treaties and laws is he talking about then?
    Anyway, he should bring his own body bag. Hunting season is open…

    • None. Turkey’s borders are created by the Lausanne Treaty. Without it, Turkey does not really exist as a territory. If we use the Sevres Treaty as a basis, then Turkey will be smaller and Greece will have more land. LOL. These Turkish politicians are as cretinous as Trump.

      • If they want to annul Lausanne then they can resort to Sevres. Turkey will be carved up then.
        These people just say these things to rally up nationalism. Demagogues unfortunately can make it far with their rethorics, especially with the uneducated disenfranchised masses. That is what they underestimated in the US and the danger is that this will be repeated in Europe in 2017. Ignoring this and burrying one’s head in the sand is not a solution.