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German Chancellor Merkel stands by Greece and Tsipras

“This is not the place where decisions will be made,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during a joint press statement with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Berlin on Friday. “That matter is in good hands with the institutions and the Eurogroup.” In just few words, the German Chancellor rejected any responsibility for the Eurogroup statement that claimed “institutions” had decided to freeze short-term debt relief measures for Greece due to Tsipras’ announcement for social measures.

Merkel’s concern is currently the migration crisis and less the financial problems of Greece or their solution.

Greece is “going through a phase that isn’t easy” and the two countries share the goal of protecting the EU’s outer border after last year’s refugee crisis, Merkel stressed.

“Again and again, we will together stand up for a fair distribution of refugees within the EU and that a country like Greece is not left alone,” Merkel added.

Tsipras said Greece, which set off the euro area’s debt crisis in 2010, can’t be allowed to slip back into uncertainty.

The Greek PM called for “brave decisions by all partners” to show investors “that the crisis is over.”

Merkel, standing alongside Tsipras, signaled she’ll raise the matter while sticking to her stance of leaving the detailed talks to finance officials.

“Our talks haven’t always been easy, but they’ve always been honest and sincere,” Merkel said and wished Tsipras  Merry Christmas and a “good start into the new year” before they headed off into their meeting.

In Athens, journalists at the state broadcaster ERT were trying to ‘translate’ Merkel’s attitude to Greece by reading her body language.

I suppose, they said Goodbye just with a kiss – I think this was exactly the point when she told him that the IMF must stay in the Greek program.

PS nice…

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