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Moroccan who set up hideouts for the ISIS in Greece arrested in Germany

German police arrested a Moroccan man charged with helping to plot the deadly ISIS attack in Paris in November 2015.

Redouane S., 24, is accused of being part of the terror cell which included ringleader leader Abdelhamid Abaaoud,.

He is thought to have rent apartments in Greece and Turkey for the ISIS in order to facilitate their route to Europe.

Beginning of the year, police raids in an apartment in Pangrati district of Athens had found DNA of the mastermind behind the Paris attacks. However, the apartment was abandoned.

Redouane S. was arrested in the central German state of Lower Saxony on Tuesday, prosecutors said a day later.

The man had entered Germany last year, the federal prosecutor’s office said adding that the arrest warrant is dated December 13th.

The prosecutor alleges that the 24-year-old set up terrorist hideouts in Turkey and Greece between October 2014 and early to mid 2015.

They also believe he was involved in the planning and preparations for an attack in Verviers in eastern Belgium.

Meanwhile, German police has intensified the manhunt for the driver of a truck, who killed 12 people when he drove through a crowded Berlin Christmas market on Monday.

Wanted man: a handout on Anis Amri supplied by Germany's Federal Office of Criminal Investigation

Authorities published the full picture and the name of the Tunesian suspect Anis Amri, 24.

They offer a  100,000-euro reward for information leading to the capture of suspect Anis Amri.

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  1. This will get a whole lot worse before it will get any better. Not to mention the political upheavel it will cause.

    • What garbage is this now? Europe and the USA are at war with the terrorist organisation called ISIS — that originally they helped to finance because they wanted to remove Assad and get hold of the oil and other assets in Syria. It’s the same old story again and again — and each time idiots come along and pretend it’s something new!
      Also, it’s the same old incompetence of the security services — whether it’s Greece or Germany. They make mistake after mistake, and nobody ever admits any fault. It’s the public that pays the price, with their lives or health.

      • ISIS was the result of the West disastrous war in Iraq and the failure to incorporate former Baath party people in the post war power structure there. The West then supported ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and the “moderate rebels” in their fight against Assad, as you said.
        Now, the chickens have come back to roost. Terrorists are hiding among refugees and migrants. Merkel opens the door and everybody comes in, including terrorists. SA and other countries fund radical mosques and hate preachers in the West. Many “volunteers” at asylum centers are actually recruiting there. Migrants/refugees are not properly screened and they make their way into our societies and disappear. Intelligence services cannot keep track of them because they don’t have the resources. Call it garbish but it is going to get a lot worse before it will get any better. And it might bring about a turn in politics to the far right. Contrary to what you think, I am not in favor for that at all. But there will be political consequences. Thinking this is not going to happen is sticking your head into the sand. Just like thinking that if you open the borders and let a whole bunch of people in unchecked and unvetted, it will work out fine in the end. I was not joking when I said that Europe is being turned into Bosnia. That is how it all started there.