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Greece’s taxpayers must pay to state over €4billion by Dec 30, 2016

Nice ending of a horrible year. Greek taxpayers are called to deposit up to four billion euros to state cash registers by next Friday, December 30th 2016.

The year will end on a bitter note for millions of taxpayers in Greece, as they will have to pay over 4 billion euros by Friday. Among the taxes due are:

Road tax for 2017: There are no changes compared to last year, aside from imported used vehicles. In total, taxpayers will have to pay about 1.2 billion euros. Late payment of the tax will result in a penalty that doubles the amount due.

Unified Property Tax (ENFIA): This is the penultimate installment, the fourth of the ENFIA property tax for 2016, which amounts to about 700 million euros.

Income tax for legal entities and enterprises: The total amount due for the installment is about 300 million euros

Value Added Tax: VAT for the November tax period, for companies with double-entry books. Taxpayers unable to pay the full amount may apply for a settlement to pay in 12 installments (or up to 24, in special cases). (ToVima)

PS I hear, the private €uro printing machines are running in full speed.

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  1. One small correction KTG: please replace the word “state” with “4th Reich”.
    And an addition: “Those who cannot pay need not worry; they can deposit their houses, land, cars, etc instead – no change given.”