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Athens: Five metro stations open all night for the Homeless Dec 30/16-Jan 3/17

This may be the coldest night of 2016. At 6:15 p.m. and the thermometer in my balcony proudly shows 3 degrees Celsius. Surviving a cold night it’s not a challenge only for the many households that cannot afford heating in times of economic crisis.

It is especially tough for the homeless who sometimes reject a place in a shelter.

Therefore, the Greek Transport Minister decided to open five metro stations all night starting from Friday to Saturday, Dec 30th 2016, for the homeless in Athens.

The metro stations open for homeless are:

Omonoia, Monastiraki, Metaxourgeio, Elaionas and Syggroy-Fix.

According to a press release published by the Transport Ministry the metro stations will be open for five consecutive nights – and from there on, depending on the weather conditions. The Ministry has prepared the metro stations to host the homeless thus with the supply of goods and medical care.

For the first time, metro station <Omonoia> in the center of the Greek capital was opened all night from Thursday to Friday and dozens of homeless took advantage of the offer.

There is currently a broader information campaign by homeless facilities, city and regional government bodies so that everyone concerned gets aware of the possibility to escape the bitter cold outdoors even for a couple of hours.

I read somewhere on social media, that also we, citizens, could join the campaign and inform homeless people about the open metro stations.

PS KTG understands that other vulnerable groups of the society can also go to the metro stations.

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  1. There is no economic crisis.
    The EU LEADERS are pulling the money out of the system.
    It is a contrived LOOTING of the European Union Member Countries by GERMANY & their co-conspirators.
    There are way too many banks in existence .. an over supply .. to many to service the ever shrinking population of planet earth.
    * In 1800 aprox: 6.5 children were born per each fertile woman.
    * In 2015 aprox: 1.5 children are born per fertile woman.
    This massive drop in baby’s being born has occurred since the Industrial Revolution 215 year.
    If this trend continues .. & it will .. within the next few hundred years .. certainly .. within the next 1.000 years mankind will no longer exist on planet earth.

    To our SHAME .. Australia has homelessness also .. there is no need for anyone to be homeless in Australia & yet here we are.

    • I fully agree: there is no real economic crisis in Europe: it is manufactured by the Germans and their associates, including the international financial system. If you don’t believe me read: “Euro depression is ‘deliberate’ EU choice” at and, of course, what Varoufakis has kept saying all along, mocking the crisis as “the crisis Europe ought to have”. My only eternal query on this is why so many Eurozone leaders passively accept this humiliation and looming destruction for their own countries. To me, as I said elsewhere, the answer implies one and only one thing: widely spread bribery, blackmail and corruption.

      • Fellow travelers, I love this site. I appreciate all your comments, but this German bashing has got to stop. Truly awful events happened during WW2, but in no way can this be blamed on the German people of today. Awful things were done by both Axis powers and Allies alike. I grew up in England in the 1970’s and 80’s and we were taught through cinematic films and TV that the Germans were the worst form of life on earth. Even today, if you look at the UK TV schedules there are always programs bashing the Germans. I ask you to question WHY? The ECB (European Central bank) is not owned/run by by either the European Union or by individual Germans. It is a private bank owned by other (global) banking interests. Yes, it is based in Frankfurt – but it is not run by Germans hankering after a 4th Reich! All any of us Europeons (spelled intentionally) want is to have a safe and happy life. No German wants people to sleep rough in Athens subways. As has become clear over the last few years, politicians of all nations are weak and feeble creatures, fallible and compromised. They are ALL puppets to one degree or another. In this supposed time of good will to all men, let’s cut our German cousins some slack and understand that they too are propagandized against, just as much as we are. Hang together or hang alone comes to mind…

        • Hmm, first of all, you are dangerously close to infringing copyright 😛
          Secondly, the shit that is happening to Greece is with the explicit approval of the German Volk. If they opposed it, it would not be happening. They are more concerned with feathering their own nests than doing the right thing, and consider Schaeuble to be acting in the best interests of Germany. The fact that he is destroying the southern countries of the eurozone is of no concern to Germans.
          So, if you don’t mind, I will continue to apportion blame to where it belongs. In the case of Greece, that is: George (Malakas) Papandreou, Germany, the IMF, the Eurogroup, Pasok, New Democracy, Juncker, Holland, and assorted ragbag eastern European joke states like Hungary and Slovakia.

          • Curiously you missed our dear Alex and his goons from your list Guest!

            Now on the German responsibility, there is a sound basis on why this is so. I only mention a few points:
            (1) The single country which has always opposed any move to make the Eurozone function like a proper monetary union with serious surplus recirculation mechanisms is Germany. In fact they justify their objections by declaring that the Eurozone should not be a transfer union. Well, the EZ is a transfer union, from everybody to Germany, this why Germany is the biggest creditor in the EZ.
            (2) The single country which torpedoed the true banking union in the Eurozone was Germany, by backing off the initial Council agreement in June 2012 (if I remember the year correctly). As a result all eurozone countries have to save banks out of borrowed capital – something which is economically insane and which has sank Greece (especially after the ECB deliberately engineered a bank run in 2015), nearly sank Ireland, Spain and Portugal and will sink Italy and perhaps Germany itself (look at Deutsche bank).
            (3) The single country, which persistently keeps increasing its surpluses at the expense of the entire Eurozone and in violation of European rules on this is ….guess: Germany.
            (4) The country involved in the greatest bribery and corruption scandals in Greece, from defence equipment to industrial products (Siemens and others) is Germany. The same country harbours those involved (such as Mr. Christoforakos) and will not extradite them to Greece for trial.
            (5) The country which has not paid a single anything for war reparations to Greece (after it devastated and looted the country as well as killing many thousands), let alone the repayment of a loan they took from the Greek state during the war – a combined sum of more that 300 billion euros as officially estimated by a Greek parliamentary and finance committee, guess again: it is GERMANY!
            (6) Finally, here in Greece we have had quite a few incidents with Germans refusing to pay for services (taxi, dining, etc.) on the principle that our country owes them money. I rest my case here on the innocence of ordinary people…

            I don’t vilify Germany dear Peter. They earned the title themselves! To quote an older article in KTG: “Germany is a predatory nation” and this should not be forgotten by its neighbours, “friends” and allies.

          • “Alex & His Goons” sounds like a comedy show:-) I don’t consider them responsible for the mess that Greece is in; they are just the latest act in a long series of useless governments that don’t know how to handle a Goliath. (If they knew the Bible, they might have heard of David and Goliath — but at least David had a sling and stones to use.)

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          The only reason why no anti-Greek pogroms occurred in Germoney – lots of people thought of this being a miracle after the lies and hunt by German media – was just because the Greek comrades of the German far-right had very promising polling numbers.
          Given that most people don’t have time to write in internet it’s difficult to have a clear picture but it’s crazy to see how many Germans seem to scream “lying-press” regarding refugees, Ukraine and Syria but the German media lies against Greece they all buy…
          Plus their authorities (and media) blame for their actual problems with criminals and terrorists Greece, Italy, Tunisia and Turkey although authorities from these countries sent the data plus Turkey gots the very special experiences to have informed about terrorists not only perfect Krauts but also Dutch, Belgian and French and also sent back terrorists to them without any results.
          A very popular spin in Germoney is that Kammenos sent a million refugees and hundreds of terrorists as a thank you for saving Greece.
          Or a very good example was the finger of Varoufakis, they’ve seen the finger on TV and heard the word “Germany” and then brains are not washable any more, they just “think” in headlines, nobody recognized that the responsible for this talk-show quit – he was being asked to do so by the Swiss paper NZZ that was never a friend of Greece in all these years before.

      • Why these leaders accept….?

        Just look at them, midgets and trolls. What is in it for them? MUNEE………