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UPD Crime of passion? Brazilian police arrests Greek ambassador’s wife & military policeman

Unexpected developments in the case of Greece’s ambassador to Brazil, Kyriakos Amoiridis, who was first reported missing and then found dead in a burnt-out car under a highway bridge in Rio de Janeiro.

Citing Brazilian O Globo news network, Greek media report that the wife of ambassador Kyriakos Amoiridis and one military policeman have been arrested by local police, while two more accomplices are on the run.

The body found earlier in a burnt-out car has been identified as the missing ambassador.

Police in Rio has ordered the arrest of ambassador’s Brazilian wife Francoise, of a military policeman Sergio Gomes Moreira Filho and of two more accomplices whose identities have not been disclosed.

The man [ probably Moreira Filho] is said to have an extramarital relationship with ambassador’s wife.

Apparently the general prosecutor had enough evidence to order the arrests.

Κυριάκος Αμοιρίδης: Τον σκότωσαν στο σπίτι, τον μετέφεραν στο αυτοκίνητο και τον έκαψαν! `Χειροπέδες` στη σύζυγό του!

Francoise Souza de Oliviera – Amoiridis. Picture via O Globo

Police suggests  that ambassador Kyriakos Amoiridis was murdered in the home of [his wife’s?] relatives in Rio de Janeiro where he stayed during the Christmas vacation. According to the police scenario, the body of the ambassador was then transferred under the highway bridge of  Nova Iguacu. The perpetrators put the body in the car Amoiridis had rented and set it on fire.

The car was located by a police helicopter on Friday morning European time under a highway bridge in Nova Iguacu. The body found in the burnt-out car was taken to Medical Institute of Rio for identification.

Police has reportedly found blood in a couch of the home. The furniture and other items have been transported to forensics department of police.

Authorities suggest that ambassador, Kyriakos Amoiridis, 59, was first murdered in the home and then transported to Nove Iguacu.

Video: earlier today

Amoiridis’ wife had reported him as missing, claiming she was unable to contact him as from December 26th. An unspecified man – Brazilian media referred to as “an official” had also claimed he had exchanged sms with the ambassador before he went missing.

The police in Brazil seems to know also the time of the transport of ambassador’s body: around 3 o’ clock a.m. on Wednesday.

Local media report of a crime of passion.

The picture of a man wearing hood and in the company of policemen has been published. It is not clear whether the man is the alleged lover.

A unit of the Greek police is ready to take off for Brazil in order to assist locla authorities.

Official announcements are due.


According to local media, “the military policeman has allegedly confessed the murder.” The confession came after police showed him a security camera video where he is seen to enter and exit the home at that evening.


The alleged lover Sergio Gomes, 29, has confessed the murder. According to Brazilian media, he told police that he had a brawl with Amoiridis and then he shot him with his police pistol.

Other media report that the ambassador was stabbed to death.

the forensic examination of the body is apparently continuing.


latest information claim that also the ambassador’s wife confessed.

On of the two more accomplices is allegedly a cousin of Gomes.


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  1. So the Greek Ambassadors wife wanted to get rid of her husband .. maybe she got sick of him.
    It’s not a nice thing to do to anyone .. what on earth was she thinking.
    Now look at her ..

  2. I feel sorry for their daughter.