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Ex Novartis manager threatened to commit suicide in Athens hotel

New Year’s day around 5 pm in the afternoon. A man is sitting at the Galaxy Bat at the 13th floor of Hilton hotel in Athens. Greek media report that the man had suddenly started to threaten that he would jump. The hotel personnel called the police. The suicide was averted due to a police negotiator who managed to persuade the desperate man to abandon his plans and put an end to his life.

After an hour of negotiations, the man broke down and with tears in his eyes he told the policemen that he would not allow to bear the burden for all the mistakes of his employer. He said that he was fearing for his life.

According to media, the 44-year-old is a former high-ranking manager of multinational pharma giant Novartis, target of investigation by the FBI and the US-Justice.

The Greek manager had been recently relocated from Greece to the company’s headquarters in Basil, Switzerland.

Three weeks ago, Greek Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis sent to Supreme Court prosecutor media reports according to which a big pharma company bribed doctors and public officials in order to boost prescriptions and the companies sales. The prosecutor should investigate media reports that two executives of Novartis in Greece had told US authorities that “the company used unfair methods to improve the company’s position in the Greek market for many years.”

The case was revealed by news website on December 12th 2016. According to the website, the two executives had given the relevant testimony to the US Securities and Exchange Commission investigating the pharma company last August.

According to, the name of the man was included in the list the whistle-blowers have given to US authorities.

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  1. Corporate corruption to the max (big pharma). Very common for obscure managers set up to take the fall. Sickening