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Fuel and heating oil prices skyrocket after Special Consumption Fee

Fuel and heating oil got …fire after the special consumption fee was imposed on 1. January 2017. Unleaded gasoline reached a record price especially on the Greek islands that were not exempted from the Value Added Tax hikes. The price for heating oil was increased by 20 cents.

Unleaded gasoline reached almost 2 euro per liter on the island of Amorgos in the south Cyclades.

Gasoline – Prices in euro per liter on January 3rd 2017:

Athens 1.559

Syros: 1.665 – 1.802

Evros: 1.645

Amorgos: 1.915

Naxos: 1.700

Milos: 1.890

Corfu: 1.648

Now Greeks are waiting for the fuel hikes to be transferred on consumer goods….

No surprise. Been there, seen that.

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  1. And our dear Alex, his buddies in government and his gang in parliament enjoy our suffering and count their fat salaries while reading Das Kapital. And Marx is burling in his grave…

    • “burling”? This is a word I don’t know!
      burl /0bə:l/ noun¹ & verb. LME.
      [ORIGIN Old French bourle tuft of wool, dim. of Old French & Modern French bourre, Spanish, Portuguese borra coarse wool, from Late Latin burra wool: cf. bur noun¹.]

      ► A noun.
      1 A knot in wool or cloth. LME.

      †2 A pimple. E–M17.

      3 A knot or excrescence in wood. N. Amer. L19.

      ► B verb trans. & intrans. Dress (cloth), esp. by removing knots or lumps. Now rare. L15.
      Perhaps you meant “turning”. LOL

      • He meant ‘turning’, but burling is a textile term as in ‘Burling and Mending’.

      • It is a Scottish idiom meaning “spinning in his grave”. You can see its use by Alex Salmond in his recent statement mentioning that Tony Benn would be “burling in his grave” after his son’s speech in Parliament on military intervention in Syria against Isis.

  2. Guys – wake up for just one moment please – its incredible cheap compared to northen EU, and especialy Scandinavia

    • No, it is not. Prices are relative to income, and Scandinavian incomes are nearly 10 times higher for young people, and about 5 times higher for mid-career. As for pensions… forget it. Only the political elite in Greece get good pensions.
      So, you need to wake up. Deal with reality.