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Greeks turn their back to Euro and the Eurozone

The Greek public opinion has changed its attitude towards the euro and the eurozone. While in the first years of the bailout agreements the majority of Greeks supported the euro with around 70%, now Greeks have changed their mind.

No wonder after seven years of strictest austerity and internal devaluation of incomes and lives.

In a public opinion conducted by ALCO for magazine Zero, and the question about Greece joining the Eurozone 15 years ago” the majority replied that it was wrong decision.

53% of respondents said it was “wrong decision”

38% of respondents said it was “right decision”

Furthermore, 41% of respondents believe that the eurozone will not continue to exist, while 40% said they believed that it will continue.

19% said they did not know/did not answer.


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  1. It certainly was the wrong decision but it is another question whether the Greek people would want to switch back to the Drachma.
    That is the important question.

  2. It is about time the people of Greece turned their backs on the EU/Eurozone. The EU does nothing for Greece apart from push them further and further into debt and devaluation of lives. The Greeks should stand together for independence and leave the EU to find someone else to bully. Growth will be slow initially but it will be a hell of a lot faster than staying under the dictatorship of the EU and the Germans who have tried so many times to rule Europe. NO MORE!!!!

  3. Did they not ask whether the respondents thought that Greece should now leave the Euro? It’s very interesting that those surveyed think that joining was a bad idea, but it would be way more interesting to see whether they think it would be best to now leave.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Just a few days ago I’ve read into an “interesting” survey about the usage of money around X-mas, in the end one could read that 75% of the asked were all students and the survey was complete online.
    To speak about a mistake made 15 years ago doesn’t mean anything, just wait other polls if they connect this to something like “leave, after 15 years”. If that would be it really be something …. I don’t think so. May be they’ve just read about the 10.9 bln the “lenders” wanna see paid “back” until summer.
    Just ask some readers from Portugal what’s it like there now?
    Grexit means much more no future, now it’s too late, end of the day exploitation makes no difference if Euro or Drachma anyway but I guess with Drachma it will be easier to rip off workers just like it’s easier to rip off old people that now got used to Euro, just think of how much prices inflated for vinyl-records and on menu-cards which were much related to German influence as for records Euro-wide close to no seller changed the old price-sticker and on dinner cards in tourism with many Germans they’d only had to make a komma.
    Plus now this more insane than crazy 500 cash bullshit. Does anyone think it will be a new start and they will abolish all the 1000 new laws and regulations? Any “investor” will demand them…
    Isn’t it much better to try something new and say “no, cancel this, we had it already, we had Drachma, we had Euro, no, we decide to have no currency at all – we also don’t host tourists any more, only friends and btw, for friends no one will demand tax because friends don’t need to pay…;)”
    they can bring records or real mix-tapes for party though

  5. I’m from the U.S. and work near an elderly Greek woman from Kalithea. She runs a dry cleaner around the corner … go figure. I stop in every other day to chat and learn a little Greek. I typically read a few stories to her from your site. This website is a great resource. It’s come a long way over the past year. I hope you keep it going.