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FM Kotzias: Roadmap for withdrawal of Turkey’s troops from Cyprus

The conference on the Cyprus issue ended late on Thursday in Geneva. The talks will continue at a technical staff level on January 18 on the issue of securities.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias once again stressed the need for the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation troops with a continuous flow, a large withdrawal in the first week and a specific deadline.

He also said that the Foreign Ministers of the three guarantor powers will meet again on January 23 in Geneva in order to discuss the issues of security and guarantees. This is also expected to be announced by the UN.

“We could agree to set up … an international group to observe and make reports under the UN Security Council on how the implementation of the decisions goes”, Kotzias noted and added that “it is obvious that our side does not want intervention rights, and seeks the withdrawal of the army.”

“I think we had a constructive discussion,” the Greek Foreign Minister stated pointing out that “for the first time yesterday maps were submitted to the table of the negotiations between the two communities,” while in the past “the maps were UN initiatives and Annan proposals.”

“As a Greek government”, Kotzias underlined “we want to solve problems that were inactive, as inactive problems accumulate more problems, they do not solve issues” because, he said, “both our country and diplomacy should turn to future planning.”

Alternate Foreign Minister Nikos Xydakis told Skai TV on Friday morning that what Turkey is offering is withdrawal of its troops in a time frame of 15 years.

PS finally somebody speaks openly about the necessity of troops withdrawal.

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