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Shortage of oncology drugs and IC units in Greece’s public hospitals

Shortcomings in public hospitals postpone scheduled treatments that are life saving for several groups of patients like those suffering from cancer.

According to a statement issued by the Athens Medical Association (ISA),  medical staff and patients at Laiko Hospital in Athens informed the ISA of the frequent  shortage of oncology drugs that leave patients without treatment in the appropriate time.

“For one more time, the hospital postponed scheduled treatment of oncology patients,” the statement notes.

ISA President Giorgos Patoulis warned that “the postponement of treatments can have adverse effect on their effectiveness and in any case it constitutes a breach of good scientific practice.”

Patoulis stressed that the deficiencies cause trouble to the sensitive group of oncology patients, who often come from the countryside to Athens for their treatment.

Describing the situation as “unacceptable”, ISA stresses that the serious deficiencies make the operation of hospitals problematic and pose risks to patients.

At the same time, the union of workers at public hospitals (POEDIN) have complained about the shortage of beds in Intensive Care Units in time of the flu peak.

ANT1 reported on Tuesday about the case of a 75-year-old man with respiratory problems in need of ICU. His family denounced that he spent seven days in a  normal hospital room together with other patients while he was in urgent need of special treatment. Finally, the public hospital managed to find for him a bed in the ICU of a private hospital. However, the private hospital rejected him “because with 130 kg, he had overweight,” one of the man’s relatives told ANT1.

PS In Greece of austerity you’re best off with an ailment you can treat at home with one depon and a cup of tea. Aspirin is a rarity…

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