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Two toddlers, one baby found abandoned on a street of Patras

An unbelievable story that caused sensation across Greece! Two toddlers and one baby have been found abandoned in a central road of Patras north-western Peloponnese.

A citizen walking in the area found the three girls roaming around without the company of an adult. The older child was holding the baby in its arms.

The concerned citizen informed the local police that rushed to the unprecedented incident.

According to local media, the children are all girls. The oldest seems to be around 4 years old, the middle some 1.5 years old and the baby around 5 months old.

The children are currently hosted at Karamandario Children Hospital. Here is to note that they were abandoned nearby.

They seem to not understand the language when child psychologists talk to them as they do not respond.

None of them has any signs of abuse and their general condition is described as “good.”

Authorities suggests that they belong to a Roma or some foreign family.

48 hours have passed since the children were found and nobody – parent or relative- has asked for them so far.

Here is the place where the children were found

Police asks for citizen’s help to identify the family of the children. They were found at Erythos Stavros street 9. Citizens who have some information are kindly requested to contact police phone number <100>.

As expected, the story moved the local community. The governor of the Children Hospital told a radio station that they received many requests by citizens who want to host the three children in their homes.

However, this is legally not an easy process, if not impossible, the governor stressed adding that an adoption could take place though a foundation.

PS I suppose, police should have published the children’s photos to help citizens identify the family?

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  1. The bureaucratic crap that characterises Greece is at its worst with adoption of orphaned children. The Greek state prefers them to suffer in a badly maintained state institution than to allow loving families to adopt, lest the politicians should be criticised if any of the foster homes should be less than perfect.

  2. costa sakellariou

    “a ‘Roma’ or some foreign family…”

    if they were greek gypsies, then the children would understand greek as well, since they all watch television…

    if they are gypsies from another country, then they are still a foreign family…

    the phrasing truly shows the depths of the bias

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Do you mean the kids listen television or that Roma don’t speak Greek at home?
      I think it’s also possible that the kids are just shocked and went silent