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Greece’s derailed labor market: Workers on 2h or 4h contracts

One in five Greeks works in flexible work forms and only half (42.6%) of employees work full time. More than 30,000 employees work up to four hours a week or sixteen hours per month with the equivalent low salary.

In the derailed labor market in Greece of bailout agreements, capital controls and lack of liquidity,

one in five workers (22,48%) are employed part-time or on job rotation.

Two out of four employees recruited in 2016, are being paid a salary of less than EUR 600.

One in two on flexible work contracts earn less than €500 per month.

There are  8,652 hired workers who work only two hours per week. In practice, they are unemployed.

 22, 245 workers have work contracts for four hours per week.

These data have been published by EU-funded ERGANI Center for Employment and illustrate the dramatic situation of employment in Greece’s private sector.

At the same time, the Labor Ministry sees an increased of paid employment in 2016 when compared to 2015. And also an increase in the average monthly gross earnings.

82 679 new jobs have been created in 2016, a growth of 5.1% when compared to 2015.

Number of employed in private sector was 1,771,084 in 2016 and 1,673,732 in 2015.

The majority of employed (478,148 or 26.99%) are employed in 25,401 enterprises that have 10-49 employees.

25% of new jobs, ie 19,019, are part-time or jobs in rotation with salaries below 500 euro per month.

Another 25% of employed earn 500-600 euro per month and work full time.

According to another source

In total recruitment 2,142,974:

969,965 (45.26%) are full-time jobs

1,173,009 (54.74%) positions are part-time and job rotation.

In non full-time contracts:

859,439 (40.11%) are part-time jobs

313,570 (14.63%) positions are rotation jobs

Of course, in real life, people working less than 16 hours per month earn much below 500 euro.

Real life payment per hour has gone down to 3 euro per hours or even lower. It was just last month, when the Greek Labor Ministry stated that 125,000 workers earned less than 100 euro per month.

PS Zero hour contracts are a matter of time. R.I.P. social security and pension system.

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  1. I own and rent a villa in Greece. I am happy to pay my taxes and IKA for my workers but the system is so rigid and expensive I am seriously considering reducing or stopping my business. How will this help Greeces economy. Less employment, less money from tourists. There is a place for Zero hours contracts but in the UK we seem to be moving to minimum hours + flexible hours. All the current system in Greece seems to encourage is informal employment and where are the protections in that. I am the last to say everything in the UK labour market is great but flexible employment means more employment as we have shown.

    • All the Greek Government has done is either kill off economic activity – your refrain ‘what’s the point ? It is so expensive it is hardly worth the candle – is a typical reaction, or to drive it underground. One of my friends works full-time but the employer will only pay enough IKA to ensure health cover. It is blatant fraud, but in someways you can’t blame them. What is needed is a root and branch reform and a more flexible labour market like ours (UK) would be a good thing.

  2. The complete elimination of social security and pensions is round the corner and is the next stage in the devastation of the country. The Quisling government, Wolfie and the IMF have already laid out the plans for this. The 4th Reich wants labour camps not expensive health care and other social junk!

    • Then vote to Leave and escape from the 4th Reich.

    • Yes, but it is also around the corner for most of the EU, the way things are going. The main difference is that Greece’s corner is nearer, and Greeks have already been beaten into submission by modern economic Nazi tactics.