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Patras: Mother admits, she abandoned the two toddlers and the baby on the street

Greek police located the parents of the two toddlers and one baby who are found abandoned in a street in Patras four days ago.

According to Greek media, it was the 20-year-old mother who abandoned the two toddlers and the baby on an street.

A couple of weeks ago, the mother got involved into extramarital relationship and abandoned her home. The father took the three girls to his mother in law, while her fourth child, a boy, stayed with the father.

It looks as if the mother in law called her daughter to take back the children and when she did so she decided to abandon them.

The 26-year-old father suspected it was his own children when heard in the news that abandoned children were found. He went to police station together with a lawyer as he had no papers for legal residence permit.

When police called the mother, she allegedly told them she didn’t want them and “let them be adopted.”

Two toddlers aged 2.5 and 1.5 years old and a baby, 5 months old, were found on a street in the city of Patras roaming around. The oldest child was carrying the baby in her arms.

The three children are in a child hospital in Patras while the local community has overwhelmed the personnel with gifts and cloths for the children and adoption requests.

Initially media reported that the parents were Albanians, later Albanian Roma.

According to latest information, the mother has been convinced to appear at the police station dealing with the case.

She but also her mother face charges for child negligence and exposure to danger.

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