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Coroner: Death of deaf boy, 6, due to strangulation in sexual assault

The coroner issued his finding. The details of the murder of the missing 6-year-old boy are creepy. Both victim and perpetrator were deaf.

A coroner on Tuesday concluded that a 6-year-old deaf boy found dead in an abandoned house in Komotini, northern Greece, was sexually assaulted before he was strangled to death.

The boy, who was deaf and whose family lives in a Roma community camp near the site where he was killed, was reported missing on Sunday.

His body was discovered on Monday: hands and feet tied up, abrasions and bruises around the face and neck.

A 15-year-old fellow Roma boy – also deaf – has been arrested after allegedly confessing to the crime. Police said the teenager had been accused of attempted rape of a minor in the past.

Local newspaper notes that offenses against the perpetrator will include “rape, seduction and murder.”

Media reported that both the victim and the perpetrator had developed their own communication system due to their disability. Police had difficulties to communicate with the teenager.

The body of the missing 6-year-old deaf boy was found dead Monday noon just 200 meters from where he disappeared on Sunday afternoon from a settlement near the town of Komotini, in north-western Greece.

The deaf boy was living in the neighborhood Alan Kugiou just meters away from downtown Komotini.

The perpetrator was living in another camp and was currently hosted by his sister who lives in Alan Kugu settlement, a couple of meters way from the victim’s home.

Alan Kugu is said to be a slum in the center of the town where people live in appalling conditions.

The family of the murdered boy and the neighbors are in endless grief but also in outrage not only against the murderer but also against authorities.

“They [they police] knew that that he had done this before, but released him. Where is the police and the prosecutor?” a neighbor told local media. They want the punishment of all persons involved.

State broadcaster ERT reported that the perpetrator’s family has immediately moved away fearing revenge.

Yes, where is the state when it comes to ‘outcasts’ of the society?

Just last week another social drama emerged when a mother, 20, abandoned her two toddlers and a 5-month-old baby on a street of Patras. The mother is said to be Roma from Albania. I heard the mother speaking to a private television channel. She got her first child at the age of 13, she said, it wasn’t clear she had ever attended school. Three more children  followed in regular intervals. She said further that she had regretted to have abandoned her children. “It was stupid of me” she repeated several times and claimed she wanted to go back to her husband – a 26-year-old man who hardly makes a living with occasional daily labor in the fields.

Further details revealed that the children, now being taken care of in a local hospital, cannot be adopted by local families as they had no papers.

Does it need a murder or a family drama in order for the state to intervene?

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  1. The fact that children cannot be adopted in greece “because they have no papers” — even when they are clearly Greek — is a disgrace. It is also in breach of the children’s human rights and in breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
    The Greek state and the Greek law are a disaster for the Greek people. Greek politicians should be ashamed of themselevs: on top of all their corruption, they cannot even pass basicl laws that protect children. Just disgusting.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    For the kids it’s better to stay together, any adoption now will tear them apart and then the kids will never heal.