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49.2% of Greece’s households have a member’s pension as “sole income source”

Half of the households in Greece declare that their sole income source is the pension of a family member. According to a survey conducted by the Small Enterprises Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE), 49.2% of the household live on a pension of a family member and have no other source of income.

Other findings:

75.3% of households have endured significant declines in their income in 2016.

37.1% of households said that they live on less than 10,000 euros per year.

37.9% of households have salaries are main source of income.

9% of households said that they mainly rely on incomes from businesses.

1:3 households has an unemployed member – this amounts to 1.1 million households.

Long-term unemployed amount to 73.3% of all jobless.

22.4% of households include an employee who earns less than the minimum monthly salary of €586 gross.

9.7% of respondents said at least one member of their family has left the country.

73.5% of respondents said they expect deterioration of their financial situation.

5.1% said they expect improvement.

21.3% of the households has arrears to the tax office.

34% of the household estimates that they will not be able to meet their obligations to tax authorities in the next year [2017].

21.3% of loan holders have arrears to the banks.

The report suggests that

“The long-term financial crisis, whose main victims are the middle class, is not only leading to a further decline in incomes and the broadening of inequalities, but also openly threatening social cohesion.

The so-called therapy, with its constantly increasing direct and indirect taxes, may lead to primary budget surpluses but this is not returned to taxpayers in the form of public services, as at the same time public spending on health and education is also being reduced.”

The survey was conducted November 14-26 2016 among 1,000 households across the country.

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PS and there are people who do not have even a small pension to live on.

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