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How Greeks invented Frozen Yogurt from Greek yogurt on a donkey’s back

Who invented frozen yogurt? Officially the delicacy called frozen yogurt was invented by American John Wudel, a pioneer of alternative sweeteners in the frozen dessert industry. But this frozen yogurt was not made of original Greek yogurt. It was powder-based.

A picture posted on Twitter beginning of January intrigued me to consider that it was the Greeks who invented the frozen yogurt back to the 1960s.

Back to the 1960s, when the milkman would load the milk on a donkey and bring it fresh from door to door whether in summer or in deep winter with donkey and milkman covered with snow.

This picture of a milkman and his donkey was shot in 1962 in Larissa, Central Greece.

The picture was posted by @taxideutis on Twitter

When I retweeted the picture with the title in English,

… it was another Twitter user who in fact came up with the proposal of Greeks invented the frozen yogurt.

Baws On The Slates ‏@BawOnTheSlates Jan 10

@keeptalkingGR @Taxideutis Is this how frozen yoghurt was invented? 😜

The question is, of course, whether the Larissa residents were in mood to enjoy the milk or yogurt frozen on a donkey’s back, when temperatures would cold for a warm milk soup with lots of sugar and soaked bread chunks, a pinch of cinnamon.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    It’s all depending on what kind of milk btw, although powder sucks definitely
    One should also check about Greek resistance fighters that ended up in GDR after civil war in GDR. There it was really famous to eat any sorts of ice-cream in winter times and therefore households often had their own machines at home, after the wall came down they couldn’t understand why West-Germans didn’t had these machines also…
    would be a funny script for a movie