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Farmers block Greece-FYROM border crossing until Feb 3 at least

Protesting farmers and cattle farmers decided on Wednesday to close the Evzoni border crossing between Greece and FYROM until at least February 3. The decision followed a meeting of the coordinating committee of Central Macedonia.

However they said they will not participate in Thursday’s rally organized by other farmers at the center of Thessaloniki and they will meet anew to decide how to proceed with their labour action.

Earlier on Thursday, protesters allowed 57 trucks to cross the borders and asked police to divert traffic to side roads and towards the customs office of Doirani.

The block has been set since January 30th. However, trucks transporting fresh and vulnerable products could cross as usual.

Hundreds of trucks have formed long queues on FYROM soil awaiting to cross into Greece. The trucks cannot move forwards or backwards as drivers have already passed the products through the customs control.

The farmers blocking the Evzoni crossing have flocked to the borders from the region of Idomeni, Kilkis, Thessaloniki and Pella.

More than 1,000 protesters from Edessa, Skydra and Giannista have joined the Evzoni blockage.

Greece’s farmers took their tractors and moved to the streets in a mass protest against new taxation laws and increase of their social security contributions.

Around 300 tractors have blocked the crossing, no car can cross to FYROM as police does not allow trucks to near the customs point and stops traffic at Polykastro.

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Each and every, protesting farmers set new blockades and send the message to the Greek government that they are open to dialogue under certain conditions.

The Greece-wide protests started on January 23rd 2017.

They are not expected to end soon.

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Under the lenders’ pressure  and talks for the second review still ongoing, the government can do little to nothing to meet at least some of the farmers’ demands.

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More than 30 tractors are expected to join a mass protest in downtown Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece. The protest is scheduled for 2 pm Thursday.

Blocks are set at some points of Egnatia highway.

According to some information, protesters plan to bloc traffic at Larissa-Trikala part of Greece’s national highway between 3pm and 5 pm on Thrsday, February 2nd 2017.

more pictures from truck queues in FYROM here

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