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Schaeuble: “Greece must meet commitments or end up in impossible condition”

Our Wicked Witch of the West, the malevolent ruler of the Euro Wonderland. Finance Minister Wοflgang Schaeuble who believes that a positive word slipping for his lips would bring his fragile world into collapse. But today, the believable and the unexpected happened: he forgot to say one of his favorite words: “NOT”.

While Chancellor Angela Merkel met Prime MInister Alexis Tsipras at the side of the Malta Summit on Friday, Dr Schaeuble volunteered to spoil any good atmosphere between the two leaders.

“Greece must meet commitments it has made under its international bailout plans or else it will end up in an impossible position,” Schaeuble said at a business meeting in Saarbruecken in western Germany,

“If Greece again and again does not do what it has committed to, eventually that will not work,” Schaeuble added.

Later he added: “The ECB is not actually to blame for our problems – rather the problem is that the structure in the euro zone is such that we have a shared currency without a shared finance and economic policy and that the members – and the ECB never gets tired of saying this – aren’t doing what they committed to doing.”

Schaeuble originally omitted the word ‘not’ but the Finance Ministry subsequently issued a statement to Reuters adding it in to clarify his remarks.

KTg understands that the omitted NOT was referring to the European Central Bank in his last quote.

To Euro or Not to Euro, to ECB or Not to ECB, to Do or Not to Do. That is here the question in the stubborn kingdom of Dr Schaueble who obviously forgot the word  NOT contrary to his usual mind pattern.

“Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern, you change your attitude.” via

PS oh oh … I hope this is not an alarming sign of aging….

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  1. Greece is already in an impossible position.