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Controversial Trump’s EU candidate Ted Malloch shocks Greeks

Short and shocking. But possibly also just stupid. Trump’s leading candidate for the post of US ambassador to the European Union, Ted Malloch, is said to have revealed the intentions of the US administration to Greece’s debt crisis. Malloch’s statement have set at least the Greek media on alert, his short statement have been broadcast by television networks, is all over the Greek internet and media websites.

, although it is rather clear that Ted Malloch cannot distinguish between the European Union and the Eurozone. As a TV producer, he can definitely know how to make impression

Speaking to Bloomberg TV, Malloch’s statement spread uncertainty about he policies the Trump administration will follow towards the Eurozone, the Greek issue but also the future role of the International Monetary Fund.

Sunday evening, Greek media describe Malloch’s statement as “indicative for Trump’s policies.”

However, I should like to add my personal thoughts here: surfing through the internet on Malloch’s recent interviews in several European outlets , I am not sure that Ted Malloch is able to distinguish between the European Union and the Eurozone. As a TV producer, he definitely knows how to make impression by creating controversy and manipulate the public.

In the same interview, Ted Malloch said that Germany manipulates the euro and called on countries to leave the euro through referendums. He said, he hoped all EU members would hold referendums on whether to leave the bloc.

 In the same context, Malloch underlined that this German policy harms of the countries of South Europe.

About Greece he said  “the question is why Greece continues to this quagmire policy while in purely economic terms it should be out of the euro?”.

Malloch’s statement comes a day before the IMF’s broad of directors meet to discuss the Greek debt and the IMF’s participation. At the same time, the representative of the new US administration will take part for the first time and is expected to unfold the US policies with regards to the role of the IMF.

The US is the biggest contributor to the Fund.

US President’s negative stance towards the European union and consequently to the Eurozone is not a secret. Donald Trump recently praised the Brexit when he met with UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May in the White House.

Two days ago, Ted Malloch said he will bet on the Euro collapse in 18 months suggesting that “the various elections expected in the near future in Europe, will lead to collapse of the euro.”

In an interview with German Der Spiegel, Malloch said  “you can almost put any two letters in front of the word exit”, suggesting any of the other 27 member states could be next.

On Friday, party leaders at the European Parliament have called on the European Union to reject US President Donald Trump’s likely pick for ambassador to the EU, Ted Malloch, whose mission they said is to “disrupt or dissolve” the 28-member bloc.

The leaders of the conservative, socialist and liberal parties in Brussels wrote in a letter to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk that Malloch’s stance toward “the values that define” the EU were marked by “outrageous malevolence.”

While his appointment is still pending, 64-year-old Ted Malloch has angered Europeans with arrogant and controversial remarks. He recently told the BBC that he “had, in a previous career, a diplomatic post where I helped bring down the Soviet Union. So maybe there’s another union that needs a little taming.”

Malloch is an American author, consultant, and television producer. He is currently a professor at the Henley Business School of the University of Reading, England.

PS In the very end, Ted Malloch may fail to get the US ambassador post to the EU.

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  1. There is no problem for Greece to introduce parallel currency

  2. I like what he said…. Greeceshould ofcourse leave the eurozone , stop paying the infamous dept and start rebuild itself

    • 100%

      There is no light at the end of the tunnel currently!

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        The light in the tunnel must be something like the fast-track-train of COSCO running to Belgrade from Pireus, right?
        How many will die starring at the light?
        But I guess for most Grexit-fans it’s better to get a cheap house at the seaside the more people die.

  3. If anyone expects even intelligent — let alone seriously planned — ideas from Trumpeters, then they are especially stupid.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Don’t reject him, take him and then arrest him as an enemy agent or spy when he’s doing the same like in Soviet Union.
    After destroying Europe where will he find shelter when get kicked out of America by the First Nations Homeland Security? In a reservation camp for illegal migrants in a nuclear poisoned Nevada desert?

  5. He hasn’t said anything that wasn’t the bleedin obvious. Greece should never have joined the Euro, which the Continental Europeans should never have created in the first place. As for destroying the EU I think the Europeans are doing a decent job, certainly the stupid Merkel is, so why bother to help them.

  6. It’s about time Greece stops sponging off other European countries and leaves the EU. Oh and I doubt many Greek even know how many states there are in the USA, let alone, where each is located, so you need to stop being such bigots towards USA too.

    • Ermm, I dont think most Yankees know how many states there are in the USA, so don’t peddle that line, my little Nazi.

  7. as there is no freedom of speech in lefty EU, I guess this site will not show my comment either

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      It’s only necessary to know the names of the reservation-camps and prison hell-holes the fascist USA holds real Americans hostage like the Ottoman Empire did with Greece, real Americans like Leonard Peltier, the only real president of America; your illegal “democracy” is an occupation force in America.
      Go get yourself papers to stay in America and ask the next American Indian Homeland Security, please.
      Trump needs to ask Indians first for building anti-American and Mexican Indians walls, btw.
      The Greek Diaspora voted Trump, right? What about the 380 billion in war-debts Germoney owes Greece, will he force for payment?
      Nope, not Donald Kraut, a Kraut with the colour of Holland in his hair, unreliable

    • lefty EU? The neoliberal trading bloc? Perhaps you object to the European Court of Human Rights? Or allowing refugees (in tiny numbers) from warzones, as required by EU and international law? Do tell us what is so left about the EU, when those of us on the left can see very little indeed — especially with all the far right conservative and fascist governments from the communist bloc countries who are now in the EU.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        do not bother. Under the current US regime every supporter (inlc Trump’s favorite co-workers, advisers etc) is convinced Europe is ruled by lefties like Schaeuble

      • The European Court Of Human Rights has nothing to do with the EU.

        I do wish you Europhiles would educate yourselves before spouting such garbage.

        • Seeing as I have publications going back to 1990 on exactly this topic, which are still used in German law courses, I think I do know. Thank you for claiming to educate me. It’s not necessary.

          • And for your own education, the ECHR and the judgements of the ECtHR are taken as a baseline by the CJEU. It is not correct to say that the ECHR has nothing to do with the EU, even though the Council of Europe is a separate political institutional framework.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          “Europhiles”? Sounds like a hidden egoistic agenda to me, demanding for Grexit from outside sucks definitely, as this is still the decision of Greece, people who very often have their own interest – commercially, be it as a hippie, future pensioner or a businessman, be ideological – are the only who keep on shouting “out, out, out” after 7 years.
          Second may be countries with Euro, but never the US. If the US starts demanding Grexit it will be met only by more people in Greece getting pro-Euro.
          It will be lots of fun to see GB getting invaded by the US just like Poland from Hitler, just to “help our Aryan brothers” with assistance for Brexit with revolting Scotland and Northern Ireland for sudden death; Trumps Internet-BlaBla will hallucinate about a regrouped IRA or so – yeah “Celtics”, not “Aryans”.