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Refugees at Ellinikon camp on hunger strike due to appalling living conditions

Refugees and migrants at Elliniko camp launched a hunger strike on Sunday morning in order to protest appalling living conditions at the premises of the old Athens airport in the south of the Greek capital.

More than 200 refugees and immigrants started their hunger strike on Sunday morning. They demand the gradual relocation of those in need to apartments within the city and denounce the appalling hygienic conditions in the camp. They want warm water and school access for the children living in the camp.

They are determined to not allow the vehicle of the catering service to enter the camps.

According to anti-racism and anti-fascism movement KEERFA that supports the protest,  the refugees and migrants in the camp complain about

-the lack of respect by those responsible to satisfy the refugees’ basic needs to ensure  human living.
there is shortage of milk and diapers for infants and toddlers.

-the food coming from a catering company is unacceptable

-there is no hot water and no laundry

-there is no access to hospitals due to lack of translators

KEERFA stresses that the children in the camp need to have access to schools. the movement also criticizes that the only communication between asylum seekers and the government is via Skype.

The protesters want the immediate intervention of the Migration Minister.

Police squads have been deployed in the area to monitor that tension does not escalate.

There are 1,300 people living in Hellinikon in three separate facilities.

The abandoned premises of the old airport were turned into a “temporary” camp in autumn 2015, when thousands of refugees and migrants started to flock to the mainland from the islands.

The Ellinikon camp was thought to temporarily host refugees from Afghanistan. The camp was supposed to be emptied in July 2016.

The Greek Migration Ministry seems unable to deal with the problem of Hellinikon camp, as the site of the former Athens airport has been privatized with the new owner to plan the construction of a luxury hotel resort and amusement and sports facilities at the Athens coastline,  the so-called Athens Riviera.

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  1. food water shelter for free in a foreign country to which they weren’t invited and barged in. Seems like a lot of complaining from ungrateful people

    • Exactly! They should be grateful! It’s still better than where they came from, for sure no free food and water provisions for them there. Nobody asked them to come, if they don’t like it maybe they should leave, and go protest in their own country.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Regarding your warm logic they didn’t protest earlier because they had enough water while they were snowed in and just needed to wait until the snow melt

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Frats like you die in between 48 hours if supermarkets cease to exist, unable lazy to grow their own food.
      Nothing compares to the European master-races anyway that still occupy whole continents like Amerika and Australia, will you pl take back your 200 million Aryans that squat and hinder America from being great again and free like Greece from the Ottomans?

  2. wow, a lot of racist pigs here! Fuck them! Solidarity to the migrants and refugees!

    • Yes, there are a lot of racists who post comments here. Some of them are members or supporters of Golden Toilet. I do not know why KTG allows these posts.

      • the reason is everyone is entitled to a opinion Mr fascist xenos. Even though you may not like it that what a democracy is. maybe you should look at the new poll 55% dont want muslim migrants, 20% disgreed and 25 had no opinion. 58 for greeks didnt want them. Really tells it all. Dont start with its a fake poll xenos like you always do.

        • This is to inform the anti-fascists here: It has been noted over the last 2 years or so, that Nazis are going around the web trolling with their far right comments. But one of the new tricks is that they accuse others of being fascist, trying to sow confusion about what people actually think and say.
          So let me be quite clear: you, my little Nazi troll, are the fascist. I am the person who stands up for human rights and decency — something you despise. I have to say, though, that if it comes to a showdown, I would be prepared to drop all human rights for scum like you. You deserve nothing — no respect, no rights. Not even a gravestone when God has finally tired of your obscenities.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Sorry, mate but this isn’t a new trick – it’s may be escalating the last 5 years and driving more and more comment sections to be closed – but they’ve used this method already in the 20ies and 30ies. Remember commies and Nazis fighting each other and their voters jumping from one bandwagon to another and back?
            Today we can see something similar as extreme right and authoritarian left are often using the same blueprints, a few years ago they were stuck in some sectarian groups but the internet gives them the chance to appear more important. Also these kind of leftists are opposing militant defence and calling it fascist and/or parastatal provocations, btw.
            Today they still got the bourgeois supporting these methods also, claiming that radical left and extreme right are all the same although the last decades always showed that the police is much more friendly to Nazis, pimps and drug-dealers.
            Closings of comment sections makes them Messiahs feeling even more victimized.
            But unlike leftists’ identity extreme right will always claim to be no Nazis.
            They still have to learn that the radical left was kicked out much earlier and/or stays away from it in general, although they claim the system being lefty.
            Stupid as they are they only steal lefty headlines like “mainstream” but haven’t understood the meaning of “Become The Media!” or read between the lines.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          correct is: they do not want ‘further” Muslim Migration!

          • And considering that in most countries the opinion polls are unable to predict even election results (because they are so badly managed, trying to do it on the cheap) I refuse to pay attention to any opinion poll about anything. The person who pays for the poll is usually setting the agenda: in other words, they are mostly tools of propaganda or simply incompetent.

    • racism how? true statements dont make you a racist. How many greeks are starving and these people in camps are throwing away good food, and claiming to be the victims. How many Greeks get free food daily and accommodation?

      Yesterday I saw a illegal migrant child hit a policeman, i saw another make a cutting throat gesture, I saw another use a infant as a propaganda tool and put in mouzalas arms. All while blocking his exit and holding their iphones but no ID documents.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        If you think if this people wouldn’t e there would make anything better for the population in Greece you must be naively ignoring the 7 years of crisis
        You haven’t seen anything, only some shitty tube as usual normal people need to watch 50 times to see anything and be sure the quality sucks exactly for this reason and to get more clicks, otherwise people would post them on vimeo.

  3. It seems some of them have enough time on their hands – how about to ask if theres a plumer among them, someone who can use a broom and a shovel, some who are capable of cleaning common facilities, and someone who could and would arrange that water ges heatet, since the situation is an emergency situation. and so on, and so on. It wont solve a lot of the problems, but it could be a place to start?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Facilities in a run-down former air-port? This would be a cool PR-job for Latsis who spared 5 billion to buy this as the EU refused investors who wanted to give 6 billion for it.

      • Listen – I’m not claiming to be well informed, but some of the reports that have hit my local medias is complints about eg the sanetary situation, where common facilities are litterely piled up in shit and malfuncktioning.
        That ofc has to be dealt with, and all I’m saying is that a part of that problem could be that those who are there organise “work groups” and make a turn shift at cleaning up common areas. Like toilets and passways. And if there is (and I dont doubt there is)a problem with the pluming og theres leaking roofs or a electricity wires that needs fixing – there must be craftsmen among the refugees that can fix some of the problems. It’s not gonna be turned into heaven, butwith each small step you get closer to a situation that might be just a tiny bit more acceptable.

        • My understanding is that in the smaller NGO-managed camps (some US ones as well as Greek and European), the refugees do exactly what you are suggesting. The problem is with all the state-managed ones, the UN-managed ones and those where the EU is also fucking up things as mcuh as possible. The evidence I know from on the ground is that only the non-state agencies are doing a good job. The state-managed ones are bureaucratic, starved of cash, and treat the refugees as if they are scum. They certainly don’t ask for their help or allow them to fix anything.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Are we three talking about the same makeshift camp?

            “….If there was a semblance of order to the chaos of Piraeus, there is none here: outside derelict buildings, children play barefoot around overflowing rubbish bins; officialdom comes in the form of a single police car, parked alongside a fence clad with clothes, while up a flight of stairs inside the departure terminal, roughly 2,000 men, women and children – almost double the centre’s capacity – sleep side by side.

            Lack of heat or air-conditioning means it is cold at night and stifling during the day; sanitation amounts to five toilets for men and five for women, with showers installed earlier this month.

            theguardian: 2016/apr/26/athens-under-pressure-city-port-refugee-camp-tourists

            Ok, now it improved, now they live in tents, how nice it’s to be snowed-in can be seen in videos, one made by drone for I think protothema, there it looks like a military camp in Indian War times a few months before Custer died for his sins

  4. Don’t tell me what I saw yoghurt boy. Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses doesn’t override facts and video evidence. Those who have eyes let them see

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      “Video evidence”? You must be police, you talk like police, the Anti-Greek policemen playing bad games with Greece. When you eat an elbow of a cop it’s getting direction riot, that is totally normal, people are used to real riots in Greece, so don’t complain.

      The reason why GD gots only 7,8% is they were murdering the last time the wrong person and this opened up eyes, no chance for “subhuman” demagogues to exploit Greece to their white-supremacy that keeps them from thinking: Free America and Deport the migrant-USA back to Europe.

  5. 1.8 billion euro spent on them with only 400 million coming from eu. So yes it would be better. Unless you consider 1.4 billion a trivial amount. Maybe you can cough it up since it’s no big deal. You’re obviously the naive one

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      This money would otherwise go to the blackmail-bastards Schaeuble and co, otherwise Greeks hadn’t to wait 7 years to get “welfare” at “European high standard” 200 Euro but wait, probably they’ve waited so long to just scar of millions of hippies coming into Drachma-country

  6. KTG: when are you going to block the Nazi trolling of your site by Golden Toilet supporters? Are you afraid of them or something?

  7. Latsis must be ousted from Greece together with their scum Tamvakakis Psinakis and the rest of the ballless individuals in their organization. Send Latsis to exile.