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Juncker: Greece aid program on shaky ground as IMF undecided

Greece’s third bailout program could fall apart as the International Monetary Fund has not yet made up its mind whether to take part in providing more aid, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said.

“Yes, it is on a shaky ground in the sense that we don’t see how the International Monetary Fund could manage this problem,” Juncker told German radio Deutschlandfunk in an interview to be aired on Sunday.

“No country has managed bigger steps to improve competitiveness than Greece,” he said praising Greece but unable to halt the IMF or Germany to impose more austerity measures even after the current program ends in 2018.

But Greece is not the only source of concern for the EU Commission president. He cast doubt about the European unity when it comes to Brexit.

Juncker doubts that the bloc’s remaining 27 members can maintain a united front as they negotiate Britain’s exit from the European Union.

“The other EU 27 don’t know it yet, but the Brits know very well how they can tackle this,” Juncker said. “They could promise country A this, country B that and country C something else and the end game is that there is not united European front.”

PS finally, the EC President found out what millions of European citizens already know: that the European Union is not united, that the EU member-states do whatever they fell they can do depending on their very own political and economic interests.

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  1. Dear Jean-Claude, the only thing in shaky ground is your own ability to keep standing up because you are always too fond of your bottle.
    The Greek programme is not in shaky ground: the Nazis know what they want, the Quislings realise the plan perfectly and the people of the country are gradually led to extinction through induced poverty and diminished healthcare (otherwise called “reforms” in your lingo).