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Golden Dawn trial: Riot police in courtroom to ease tension between supporters and Antifa members

Riot police stepped in the specially designed courtroom in Korydallos Prison in Athens to ease tension between Golden Dawn supporters and anti-authoritarians on Tuesday. Tension between the two groups sparked during the hearing of a witness in the ongoing trial against the Golden Dawn party.

The situation went out of control during the hearing of a witness of a Golden Dawn attack against an anti-fascist branch in Petralona suburb of Athens in June 2008. Two antifa members were stabbed.

The witness asked the president to allow his companions to enter the court room.

Golden Dawn supporters in the court room started to chant “Bloood, Honor, Golden Dawn” and “P***** sons, anarchists”

Anti-authoritarians responded with slogans and hurled bottles of water at the gd supporters.


What was left behind were overthrown chairs and desks, sticks and other hurled items, all covered with the foam of fire extinguishers. It is not clear, who used them.

Ultimately the judges left the court room and riot police came in.

The Movement against Fascism and Racism (KEERFA) claimed in a statement that the riot police went against the anti-fascists in the court room and beat them.

Dozens of members of antifa and anti-authoritarians had gathered outside the Court of Appeal to attend the trial. Police had allowed some of them to enter the court room.

Police holds back Magda Fyssa as she attempts to attack gd supporter shouting at her “Where is your Pavlos right now?”

Media report that GD supporters were shouting “Where is your Pavlos now?” at Madga Fyssa, the mother of leftist-rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P).The 34-year-old musician was stabbed to death on 18. September 2013 by GD member Giorgos Roupakias.

It was Fyssas’ murder that forced the then Samaras government to take a closer look at the activities of Golden Dawn.

In September 2013, immediately after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, the Greek Police arrested the leadership of Golden Dawn, as well as tens of its party officials and members, who were involved in the criminal activities included in the huge case file. After a long inquest which lasted 9 months, the Court of Appeal decided with irrevocable decree that 69 individuals, including all of Golden Dawn’s Parliamentary Group from the 2012 elections, will stand trial charged with participation in a criminal organisation. Described in the 1109 pages of the decree are all of the crimes committed by Golden Dawn party officials and members since 2008.

The trial started in April 2015.

Golden Dawn’s criminal activities went on trial on April 2015. Sixty nine members persons have been charged with founding a criminal organization, being a member of a criminal organization, performing criminal activities and other minor charges.

More details about the trial at Golden Dawn Watch, an initiative that monitors the legal process and informs the public about it.

The trial in the specially designed courtroom in Athens’s Korydallos Prison, will continue on February 16.

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