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Greece’s public debt reached €326.358billion end of 2016

326.358 billion euros. Greece’s public debt reached 326.358 billion euros at the end of 2016 against €323.709 billion at the end of September in the same year.

According to a statement issued by the Public Debt Management Agency on Monday, the cash available at 31. Dec 2016, amounted to 2,791 billion against 3,004billion at the end of the Q3.

According to the data, of the total debt of the central administration of 254.750billion, 227.660 billion are related to the Greek government loans from the European Stability Mechanism.

The remaining 71.607 billion are bonds and other short-term securities issued by the Greek government.

In terms of new borrowing during 2016:

 40.3% refer to loans from the European Stability Mechanism, 58.3% to Treasury bills and 1.4% to loans form the European Investment Bank.

 40.9% of the new loan has a duration of 15 to 40 years, while 59.1% has a maturity of over one year. (,

Taking a look at the Greece’s Debt Clock that been running non-stop since 2010, the chart shows as of Feb 20th:

National Debt of Greece: 348,955,094,539

Interest per Year: 19,314,105,264€

Interest per Second: 612€

Debt per Citizen: 32,273€

Debt as % of GDP: 180.64%

GDP: 193,179,341,458€

Population: 10,812,508

But this is just a clock, right?

PS 326.358billion euro? I wouldn’t worry so much that the debt increased by 5 billion euros over the past year. Our Euro-partners believe that the Greek debt is sustainable and the few billion difference could be dealt with cutting pensioners’ bread and poor people’s cheese. That’s what they are looking for at today’s Eurogroup, aren’t they?

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