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Poll: Should Germany leave the Eurozone? Final Results

Tired of reading about Grexit polls commissioned by German media, I decided to run a counter poll on Twitter.

The poll: Should Germany leave the Eurozone? run for 24 hours. From noon February 22nd until noon February 23rd 2017.

Here are the results:

I should note that the rates were 70-71% YES in the average. However, rates changed to 69% YES – 31% NO in the last half hour before the poll closed and after I posted a new Tweet saying: last minutes to vote etc etc

As I frequently run economic polls on Twitter, this one had the biggest resonance.

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One comment

  1. Indeed, Germany leaving the Eurozone would be a blessing and, in my opinion, the only way to save the project, if possible.
    The problem is that this eurozone is the hen that lays the golden egg for Germany and they would never abandon it voluntarily. Should things get tough they’d rather blow it up.