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These are the two Turkish Commandos who sought asylum in Greece

Tthe pictures of the Two Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece were leaked to news websites on Thursday evening. Greek media refer to them as members special forces Red Berets commandos assigned to execute tough missions. The two soldiers are believed to be members of the death squad that was plotting to assassinate Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the night of the failed coup, while he was in a hotel in Marmaris, South Turkey together with his family.

Greek media name them as Hakan Cetin and Fatih Arik illegally entered Greece through the Evros River and they surrendered to a police station in Orestiada, Northern Greece.

They reportedly declared that they were electricians from profession.

However, Greek authorities went through the Interpol lists to find that Turkey had issued international arrest warrant against them on July 22nd 2016. According to Turkish authorities, the two were members of a 47-strong team of plotters who wanted to assassinate the Turkish president.

The two reportedly admitted that they were members of the Special Forces involved in the coup but refrained from elaborating.

Video from Greek Skai TV at 8 pm News

The are believed to be low-ranking officers.

They are currently in custody in Orestiada. They applied for political asylum.

The incident creates headache for Athens that has been exposed to Turkish continuous provocations in the Aegean Sea, since the Greek Supreme Court ruled against the extradition of  8 Turkish soldiers who had fled right after the coup.

So far, Turkey has not requested the extradition of the two commandos.

More than 100 Turkish citizens fled to Greece and sought political asylum to escape the purge after the failed coup. The Turkish government sees the former mentor of Erdogan, preacher Fetullah Gulen as the mastermind behind the coup. The government sacked thousands of what they call Gulenistas from the public administration and educational institutions claiming that they belonged to Gulen’s organization FETO.

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