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Athens: Taxi driver shot in his car sets police on alert

Greek police have been set on alert after a cab driver was found dead in his taxi Tuesday midnight in Kifissia suburb of Northern Athens.  The 54-year-old man was reportedly shot in the right side of the head. The motive was not robbery, Skai TV reported on Wednesday, as some 200 euros were found in the victim’s pocket.

The victim had started to work as taxi driver about six months ago.

Greek police has been set on alert as it is the second time within three weeks that a taxi driver falls victim of a gunshot in the same area.

According to media, the first incident occurred in Kefalari suburb and the victim was also shot on the right side of the head. The victim survived the shot on his neck and is still hospitalized.

Skai reporter said that the perpetrator of the February incident was sitting in the back right side of the cab.

The first victim was a young man at his 30s who was working as taxi driver on the weekends. The taxi belonged to his father. Based on the victim’s testimony, the perpetrators told the driver he was not going far away, at some point he told him to stop the car and then he shot at him.

Police estimates that in Kifissia, the perpetrator shot at the driver while the car was moving, then opened the door and left.

It was a public bus driver who found the dead driver, as the tax was almost in the middle of the road, blocking the way for the bus.

Police found two casings from a 22mm gun. No window glass was broken.

Both incidents occurred at night on the same street. Greek media speak of fears of a “serial killer” targeting taxi drivers.

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  1. I am aware that a few rogue taxi drivers will infuriate customers by attempting to defraud them with scandelous charges on trips to the Acropolis – I know my wife and son were ‘robbed’ of 200 euros for a 10 euro ride

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      It’s good you let the world know this horror story and it’s even better for Greece as this sounds bad for your greedy selling Greek villas