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Austria to stop giving food and shelter to rejected asylum seekers

Austrian authorities would not have to provide food and accommodation to migrants who are denied asylum and refuse to leave the country, under a draft law approved by the government Tuesday. The bill aims at encouraging asylum seekers to leave voluntarily.

“The first thing is basically that they don’t get anything from the Austrian state if they don’t have the right to stay here. Is that so hard to understand?” Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said, according to Reuters.

Sobotka said the law, which will need approval by parliament, was designed to encourage rejected asylum seekers to leave voluntarily.

According to the minister, some 4,000 people receive basic services but should have left the country. Of those, around half could be affected if the law is passed because they are deemed healthy enough to travel to their home countries.

Most rejected asylum seekers in Austria in 2016 were from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Asylum applicants who lie about their identities face a €5,000 fine or three weeks in jail. (

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  1. Austria showing its true fascist colours — again. They prefer to see people starving on the streets than allow any compassion.

    • Civilised Europe at its best. Enjoy!
      Is it these people we want to be in the same union with? I’d rather be alone in the dessert.

    • Compassion has its limits and nobody wants to look after millions of illegals. The story reads the people that have their claims rejected won’t be looked after. Why should the Austrian public pay for them if it’s been determined their not entitled to protection? They’ve been determined to be Economic migrants owing no protection. You can always dip into your pocket and open your home

      • No, compassion does not have limits any more than greed has. And there are not millions of rejected asylum-seekers, there are a few thousands. And the rejections are very suspect anyway, as these people are from very difficult countries like Afghanistan: it is far from clear that the legal process is working properly across all of Europe.
        And just to educate you: they have not been determined as economic migrants at all. This is in your fascist imagination and is not the law.

        • How many have you taken in your home and how much do you contribute out of your pocket mr unlimited compassion? You never answered

          They’re applications have been rejected as such what rise would they be? Lol

          • Try understanding how the world works before posting your nonsense. You don’t know the circumstances of each person, nor do I. I do happen to know that people are being deported to torture and death from EU countries — backed by the complacency and couldn’t care less attitude of people like you. Currently, the UK Home Office is deporting gay asylum seekers from Afghanistan back to Afghanistan and telling them “pretend to be straight”. This is illegal — a cleat breach of international and EU law, and also of the European Convention on Human Rights. It is openly fascist, as the UK is now, and this trend is also taking off very clearly across much of Europe. (It already exists in Hungary and to some extent in Austria).

  2. Your lecturing people that you know the world and nobody else does. Like we are blind and deaf and you all are knowing being. Sooo you haven’t taken any in your home or contributed financially but expect everybody else to . Think locally first, then tell the rest of us what we should do. If these people aren’t good enough to enter your home then don’t expect countries to take them in either. The cases of these economic migrants have been reviewed and rejected. I dint need or want to know there circumstances. There are officials who review the cases. So it’s fairly simple. They’ve been determined to be not needing protection and must leave. Desperate people will say or do anything to enter the land of milk and honey whether it be I’m gay, persecuted religiously or a million other reasons. By your logic billions in Africa, Middle East should come to Europe because they have a difficult life. All of Europe is at war due to these people who are culturally incompatible with European values. Look at Germany, Austria, Sweden France so on so forth. Everybody is sick and tired of their lies deception and violence s trying to change their new homes to the same hell hole they come from Hence the rise of Trump, Le pen and wilder etc.

    • Just cut your Golden Toilet crap and leave decent people alone. Nobody is interested in your Hitler fantasies.