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PM Tsipras: Greece is ‘Breaking Records’ in Tourist Arrivals

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday informed World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary General Taleb Rifai that “year by year Greece is breaking records” regarding the number of visitors from abroad.

The PM’s statement was made during a meeting he had with Rifai at the Maximos Mansion. Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura also attended the meeting.

Tsipras said that 27.5 million tourists arrived in Greece in 2016 and that this year’s goal is for the country to welcome over 30 million visitors.

Following his meeting with Rifai, Tsipras tweeted: “We are working so 2017 will be the third record year for Greek tourism.”

Rifai is currently on an official visit in Athens and on Thursday will be the keynote speaker at a conference held to promote Greece as a 365 days a year tourism destination. The conference, organized by the Tourism Ministry and the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), will also focus on sustainable tourism development.

Rifai has expressed confidence in Greek tourism, referring to Greece as “one of the most popular and attractive global destinations”. (

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  1. costa sakellariou

    xarilaos florakis said it best, ‘ greece will become a nation of waiters’…

  2. Ted from London

    More tourist yes but official figures say they are spending less, and with the “all inclusive” market taking the money out of Greece, where does that leave the Greeks. Working harder for less, whilst the politicians dine out on it.